Alright you redeemers, rebels and radicals out there,
Trump is trying to steal the election . . . it’s got many of us pretty rattled . . . and things could turn very ugly very quickly as November 3rd approaches.

Hey all you jazz players and re-occupiers out there,

Tactical Briefing #9

A week remains. The once-mighty U.S. is set to plunge into a moral, political, and constitutional crisis — unless we the people, the ultimate arbiters of power, intervene to set things to rights.

The Proud Boys cock their guns . . .
The lawyers suit up for legal armageddon . . .
Civil War suddenly seems not just possible, but likely — even inevitable.

Where will you be when Trump tries to steal the election . . . when democracy falters . . . when freedom cedes to fascism . . . when history weeps?

Will you stand at the sidelines, a bystander before injustice . . . or will you play jazz, the righteous sound of our call to #ReOccupy the White House?

Now is not the time for apathy. Now is the time for action of the most powerful kind — aesthetic action.

We all have a part to play — whether rhythm or lead, behind the scenes or on the frontlines. Every voice, every act, every jam, every note you play counts . . . well beyond the point when the last vote is tallied.

So, collect your courage. Rally your spirits. Get out your horn. Call a few friends. Let a revolutionary blast of rebel jazz ring out across America.

It's time to make history.

Read our Tactical Briefings to get an idea of what we have in mind.

Stay tuned for tactical briefings, campaign info and critical intelligence.

#WhiteHouseSiege Tactical Briefing #4

What is the #WhiteHouseSiege?

A beautiful jam. A civic exorcism. A ritual, perfectly timed. A spectacular sayonara for Dear Donald. A rekindling of the embers of American democracy. A howl of moral outrage. And the most beautiful, festive, and effective uprising the Union has seen since the Revolution.

What is our strategy, exactly?

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#WhiteHouseSiege Tactical Briefing #3

Trump is trying to steal the election . . . it’s got many of us pretty rattled . . . and things could turn very ugly very quickly as November 3rd approaches. Lawyers are already in court, mounting pre-emptive strikes and preparing for the scorched-earth scenarios likely to come.

Meanwhile white supremacists are waiting in the wings, spoiling for a violent showdown.

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#WhiteHouseSiege Tactical Briefing #2

Time is short. Shall we rely on William Barr to interpret the law justly, in the interest of all Americans? On the police or military to drag Trump from the White House when he loses? On the grace and civility of the alt-right hordes and white supremacists? Of course not.

By now it’s clear that Trump and his sycophants will do anything to prevent Joe Biden from taking office, including crippling the Postal Service. There is no limit to their cynicism, no end to their corruption.

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#WhiteHouseSiege Tactical Briefing #1

It’s been nine years since we set off the political earthquake of #OccupyWallStreet, laying siege to NYC’s Zuccotti Park and inspiring thousands of similar protests around the world.

The Occupy anniversary arrives September 17th, 2020. And it may be the perfect day to trigger another global big-bang moment — a massive collective action of the sweetest kind of disobedience.

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