Your Anarchist Agenda
for the Year of the Ox

Don't Hold Back!

There’s nothing the elites hate more than to be made fun of.
To be laughed at.

It makes them crazy. They’ll come at you with all their horses. But they’ll look ridiculous as they do – because to be threatened by such a fool as you exposes them as pathetic.

The fool — the trickster — has immense value at a time like this.

At the boundaries of inequality, the trickster shows up to do his leveling work. Back and forth over the border he bustles, like a busy waiter, spilling the soup, mixing up the orders and flubbing the bill. Basically creating an evening that the powerless will relish and the powerful will rue.

“The grins of the people are the nightmares of the dictators.”
— Liu Xiaobo, Chinese dissident and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize

Stop buying insurance
Who needs it?
Live riskier!

If you have a house, it can flood or burn down. Shit happens! That doesn’t mean you have to pay thousands of dollars a year to insurance companies.

The insurance industry is one of the most corrupt in the world, routinely writing fine print in their contracts so they’re covered but you aren’t.

So stop running scared. Capitalism thrives on a scared population.

Live a little wilder. Fuck the insurance industry!

Take down all the traffic lights!

We just don’t need them anymore. They’re just props for cars, more infrastructure for a carbon spewing machine that sooner or later we’ll have to phase out anyway.

They also cost too much to erect and maintain. There are better ways to spend our money.

Let everybody who wants to zoom around in a ton of metal fend for themselves.

Let Anarchy reign!

Let each one of us, each in our own sweet way, decide who is the first to spurt forward at a crossing — force every driver to slow down and enjoy the wild unpredictability of it all . . . to decide what to do by looking in each other’s eyes.

That’s the way it’s going to be after the big crash anyway.

Dirty up!

Stop shaving so clean. Washing your hair so often. Eradicating all your body smells.

Your skin is an ecosystem. You’re Agent Orange-ing yourself every time you take a sudsy shower . . . nuking your microbiome when you overuse shampoos, conditioners, soaps and deodorants.

Look at other cultures. People have scraggy beards. They don’t shower and wash their hair every morning — they smell!

Has your sense of cleanliness and godliness become perverse?

Are you too anxious about what people think of you? Has the way you groom yourself and follow fashion become unnatural?

Time to dirty up! Start smelling like a real human being again.

Forget about time!

You can learn to tell time by looking up at the sky . . . by the mood emanating from the people around you . . . by the intensity of the light coming through your bedroom window when you wake up in the morning.

Don’t worry about what time it is — every cell in your body is already keeping time.

From #152: The Big Ideas of 2025

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Turn On Music
And Scroll!

Terrorism Is as American as Apple Pie

Gruesome spectacles of violence. Belief in ethno-religious supremacy. Fundamentalist notions of social order. Preoccupations with purity and vengeance. Recruitment tactics aimed at the disaffected and disenfranchised.

This describes ISIS's modus operandi as much as that of America's own homegrown brand of terrorism — a phenomenon at least as old as the Civil War and rooted in the nation's original sin.

Organized by embittered Confederate veterans, the Klu Klux Klan was established to advance the reinstatement of white supremacy in the newly reunited republic. Targeting all non-white, non-Protestant, and non-native-born residents of the United States, but above all African Americans, Klansmen waged a brutal campaign of terror — consisting of kidnappings, hangings, whippings, mutilation, and murder — prompting Congress under President Ulysses S. Grant to pass laws outlawing the KKK as a terrorist group.

But by then, the KKK had already begun to disband. With the advent of Jim Crow laws — which later earned Hitler's praise and admiration as a model of state-sanctioned racism — the Klan had largely achieved its goal. White supremacy had once again become the law of the land.

Fast-forward past two major revivals of the Klan to the post-9/11 era. Today, despite the mounting threat of racist violence to the very integrity of American democracy, far-right extremists are rarely prosecuted as terrorists. That fate is far more likely to fall on suspected "Islamists" with trumped-up affiliations to jihadist groups. Meanwhile, white supremacists organize, rally, and commit heinous crimes, often in the open. (And how many are held at Gitmo?)

Calls for domestic-terrorism laws may seem reasonable, but one should be wary. Current counterterrorism legislation is routinely and grossly abused. Black and Muslim Americans, as well as political dissidents of various stripes, are regularly and unjustly harassed by law enforcement. What's needed isn't a new suite of oppressive tools. Instead, what's needed is a reckoning with America's legacy of racially justified exploitation. Until such an unlikely moment of introspection, however, domestic terrorism will continue to flourish — as American an institution as baseball or apple pie.

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America, Defiled

Five dead, the U.S.'s democratic reputation indelibly sullied, and its hapless political class unable to rally itself to take up even elementary justice. The question is not whether the Trump-fanned right-wing rabble achieved anything immediate by storming the Capitol. It's what the long-term consequences of its calamitous tantrum will be, as it sets a dark, dangerous precedent for the further erosion of democracy's integrity in America — and, the U.S. being the world's longstanding (and long-travestied) bastion for democracy abroad, in the rest of the world. America's empire is at last undergoing its own decline and fall, its global predominance foundering along with it. What will fill the void?

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Keepers of Mindscape

Do we still have it? Can we invent new aesthetics, design sustainable products and rid our cities of waste . . . cultivate new sensibilities for our post-materialist age?

There are hints of this new aesthetic in Kenya Hara’s Designing Design when he talks about “a future without artifice,” “whispered value systems” and creating “vehicles of thought and feeling.” He says products are supposed to inspire “acceptance” not “appetite” . . . that the appropriate response to a product is “This will do,” not “This is what I want.”

And there are clues to it in Jean-Marie Massaud’s mission to create “a new art de vivre,” and examples of it in Banksy’s (and other street artists’) heady mix of politics, design and the intimacies of everyday life.

Our century will be a time of monumental ideological clashes, paradigm shifts and metamemetic insurgencies on multiple fronts. We artists and designers must be the advance guards - positioning ourselves at the forefront of every struggle and debate.

Just as farmers are the keepers of land, we are the keepers of mindscape. We must nurture it and care for it and make sure there will always be wilderness, diversity and freedom there.

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Crucified by Capitalism

Explanations for the collapse cannot be summed up in a single idea or one catastrophic event.

We decided to call our magazine Adbusters.

We vowed never to sell any space to advertisers.Then we embarked on an aesthetic journey. A journey, you might say, to get off the grid . . . to blow up the precepts and norms of print . . . to create a magazine that was less about content you “consume” than a river you jump into and are swept downstream.
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The Big Ideas of 2025

Adbusters #149 The Re-enchantment of the Political LeftGet this issue

You can’t always see aesthetics, but it is there . . . In the brutalist face of a bank building, cold as an autopsy table. In the way the city exhales after dark. In the knack and smack of internet trolling . . . in the angst of Christmas shopping.

Can we invent a new aesthetics, cultivate new sensibilities for our post-materialist age . . . come up with new ways to live, love and think?

Our century will be a time of monumental ideological clashes, paradigm shifts and metamemetic insurgencies. We artists, designers and creatives must be the vanguards — positioning ourselves at the forefront of every struggle and debate. Just as farmers are the keepers of the land, we are the keepers of mindscape. We must nurture it and care for it and make sure there will always be wilderness, diversity and freedom there.

Build a new aesthetics with us . . . for a future that computes.

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