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Adbusters #141
New Ways to Live, Love & Think

AB141 - New Ways to Live, Love & Think

A crooked line runs through issue #141, connecting cold, hard truths with ideas that may inspire a rebellious flicker of alacrity towards a new future. The clunky, straight-edged shapes of current power structures blot the front lines, only to be overshadowed by swaths of polychromatic pages, their archaic blandness upstaged by design that fucks with complacency. The world teeters on an edge sharp enough to end all life. So without further ado—New Ways to Live, Love & Think puts forth the real-life jams and revolutionary campaigns that have the energy to shift the status quo. It talks to you—designer, economist, environmentalist, human—and offers ways to re-enchant a disillusioned world. New Ways to Live, Love & Think comes with our 2019 #moonstruck calendar—follow the full moon and stay tech-free one day every month, and be as wild as your spirit moves you to be.

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