The White House Siege

The White House Siege

Starts on September 17th.

We will lay siege to the White House. And we will sustain it for exactly fifty days.

This is the #WhiteHouseSiege.

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Rant of the Week!

“America Wake Up”

video by Portland, Inc

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There’s a long, dark, deadly road ahead. We must re-evaluate all things if we are to stave off the worst and make the future compute. Join us on our hunt for big ideas, bold alternatives, radical solutions — new ways to live, love, and think.

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blue splatter

#POOF 1!

      Stop going to McD's
  Fall in love with home cooking
Stick to the 100-mile diet
plate spoonsfood can
    *  put in Dora's
 Salsa recipe here
green splatter

#POOF 2!

    suddenly look stupid
      will our luxury fantasies
  and hyper-individuality
     grow even more intense ?
high fashion girlempty cover vogue italia
    *  The empty April
cover of Vogue Italia
(in the color of
    hospital lab coats)
orange splatter

#POOF 3!

   ... will modest be the new cool?
Raamin Ka photo
red splatter

#POOF 4!

   ... will we wake up to
    the fact that mixing
           WAS A SYSTEM ERROR?
      ... that Funding a civilization through
        advertising is like trying to get
   nutrition by connecting a tube from
               one's anus to one's mouth*?
*Jaron Lanier
              ... that if we're going to have any
                kind of future on this planet,
              the trillion-dollar advertising
               industry must be cut down to size?
women skirt up
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#POOF 5!

       GenZ CRACK THE
                         (reclaim the internet's
                                             anarchic spirit)
      break up the near-monopolies
               held by tech giants like
       Facebook, Google, Tencent,
         Apple, Alibaba, and Amazon?
pixel numbers eye image
grey splatter

#POOF 6!

become monthly holidays,
    drawing us
        back outdoors?
      Every month, when the moon is full,
             we leave our devices behind
 revel in the moonlight
     be as wild as our spirit
                moves us to be
medieval struggle
pink splatter

#POOF 7!

         If Trump wins
           in November

             ... will
        America turn

        ... fight another
          civil war?
   (           The situation is
                    uncannily similar
               to Orba's Hungary, or even
                      Germany in the 1930s.)
record player ballet dancers

Let's Play

Maybe we will keep playing what’s on the score in front of us, just as we’ve been taught. Habits we acquired so long ago we can’t even remember. Otherwise it’s chaos, right?

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man isolation

Post-COVID engaging differences.

Those of us who aren’t on the Covid frontlines have been told to stay home. That is our job. (Meanwhile, our actual job may or may not have been eliminated.) But as the weeks roll into months, we’re discovering that doing nothing in a crisis is its own kind of stress. Confine stessed-out people long enough and something strange happens. It’s called the Third Quarter Phenomenon. And we’re in it now.

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Will the coronavirus spell the end of meat? Cash? The movie theatre? The shopping mall? The classroom? The business trip? The office? The handshake? The hug? Neoliberalism? Globalization? Hyper-individualism? Romance? Your career?

Is capitalism the real virus? Will this be the end of civilization as we know it? Amid the ashes, could we build a sane, sustainable future that computes?

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In matters of life and fate, timing is everything. Culturally, socially, materially, the setting of your upbringing, specific to time and place, cannot but impress itself on you. And the parts of your upbringing that are not unique to you, but which are shared by all your coevals, likewise inform their sensibilities, bringing about a cohort of young people with similar experiences, common attitudes, kindred beliefs — in other words, a new generation.

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The automobile is a hundred years old. In a mere century, we’ve manufactured billions of them — and pumped trillions of litres of gasoline to keep them running. The oil and auto industries rose in titanic tandem, both creators of unimaginable wealth and sources of employment for generations of workers, around the world.

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Stuck in the cyberspace forever?

stuck in cyberspace forever

There's a theory that a microbe-carrying asteroid hit our planet and life began in the warm ocean waters. A few billion years later came our first great migration: we crawled onto the beach and learned how to live on land.

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This is powerful

Ursula K. Le Guin

Hard times are coming, when we'll be wanting the voices of writers who can see alternatives to how we live now, can see through our fear-stricken society and its obsessive technologies to other ways of being, and even imagine real grounds for hope.

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Hello, internet user.

internet user

Here are a few random words: Millennials, depression, anxiety, apathy, suicide, exhaustion, over-consumption, social media, breaking news, housing prices, tuition fees, healthcare, late capitalism, fuck off.

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