John Berger reads Ghassan Kanafani's 'Letter from Gaza'

We woke up on Wednesday to find out Instagram had taken down one of our posts. No reason given.

Checkout the post HERE.

Well fuck Instagram! Fuck Zuckerberg! Fuck all the mindlords of the internet who, now more than ever, keep poking their noses into the very fabric of our ability to communicate with each other.

This has to stop!

We the People have to fight back — if we lose our voice, our ability to speak freely, we're not going to have a country anymore.

To have any shot at a sane future, we must change things, upend the current internet model, come up with a new way for us humans to talk to each other.

Here’s how:

We birth a counteroffensive . . . launch the Mental Liberation Front (MLF) . . . a global movement of angry, mindfucked people acting out with feral ferocity and all-out civil disobedience against surveillance capitalism.

We go after the mindlords. Mindbomb their platforms, stink bomb their HQs, throw pies in their faces when they venture out, hunt down their lobbyists . . . whatever it takes to bring their surveillance system crashing to the ground.

And then on its ashes, we build a new system, one that doesn't mix communications with commercialism — all signal and no commercial noise. Call it . . .

The Third Force

Hamas, at heart, are freedom fighters.

There, I said it. And now I'll probably pay for it.

Because there are boundaries around how we can talk about Oct 7. You can support the Palestinians: yes. But showing any sympathy at all for Hamas, is beyond the pale — you'll get doxxed, cancelled, vilified as an antisemite and worse.

But fuck it, I'll say it anyway: They're freedom fighters!

What these young men actually did on Oct 7 was brutal and barbaric and in many cases impossible to defend. But why they did it, that's easier to understand. When you put a certain kind of person in a chokehold for long enough, they go off in ways you're not going to like. Imagine you — and your people — are fenced in, caged up in an open-air prison for sixteen years. You have no hope, no dignity, no future. You're mowed down by remote-control machine guns if you wander too close to the razor-wire fence. Your daily caloric intake is restricted to near-starvation levels. Your children routinely have suicidal thoughts. And there's no light at the end of this — you're trapped like an animal.

So what do you do? You burst out of your cage with feral ferocity — you're a barbaric terrorist yes, yes, yes — but fuck it, you're a freedom fighter too.

— Kalle Lasn

From the upcoming Adbusters 171:
Terrorist or Freedom Fighter?

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Hamza Abu Halima was not a fighter. He was released after being stripped, paraded naked, and tortured.

His father, his sister-in-law, and his sister-in-law's children (aged 6 and 3) were all killed by the IDF.

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You people have nothing to bargain with. You'll never get the land back. You'll all die old men in refugee camps, waiting for Palestine.
We have a lot of children. They'll have children. So we can wait forever. And if we need to, we can make the whole planet unsafe for Jews.
You kill Jews, and the world feels bad for them and thinks you animals.
Yes. But then the world will see how they've made us into animals. They'll start to ask questions about the conditions in our cages.

The ICJ ruling on provisional measures:

- Prevent acts prohibited in the 1948 U.N. genocide convention, including killing Palestinians, causing them serious bodily or mental harm, and “deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.”

- Prevent and punish statements that constitute incitement to genocide against Palestinians in Gaza.

- Ensure the provision of basic services and humanitarian aid “to address the adverse conditions of life” in Gaza.

- Preserve evidence related to allegations of genocidal acts.

- Report back to the court within one month on its compliance with the orders.

Unmute Gaza x Greenpeace at the home of Picasso's Guernica

A haunting banner hanging outside the museum that homes Picasso’s ‘Guernica’ — depicting the horrors of war and the suffering of its victims. Unmute Gaza and Greenpeace give a stark reminder that we must not let history repeat itself, we must not forget the lessons paid with blood. We must have a ceasefire now!

canadian broadcasting corporation Makes False Hamas Terror Claim

On Tuesday, CBC TV News program, The National, claimed that “Hamas is labelled a terror group by the U.N."

Either the CBC has fired their fact-checkers or it's deliberate, because the truth is that it's an outright lie.

We demand that the CBC retract their false claim about the UN and Hamas.


The CBC backed down and issued their retraction on the evening news.

From Issue #170

The Mindlords Issue

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the New Asceticism

When consumer culture collided with the digital environment, something new emerged. Something new but ancient: a plague. Only this one isn’t attacking bodies. It’s attacking minds.

We are all addicts now, with devastating mental-health effects. The only way to break the cycle is by voluntarily taking on the pain of doing without.

Welcome to the New Asceticism.


Smooth apes with brains still wired for scarcity are lurching around in a world of plenty.


And by plenty, we’re talking overabundance. Wishes instantly fulfilled. More calories within reach than our ancestors could have chased down in a month.

See, life is paradox, and the paradox of plenty is this: You’d think that instantly gratified desires would be a recipe for happiness. But the opposite is true.

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From Issue #


The Mindlords Issue

From Issue #


The Mindlords Issue

A Plan for World Revolution in 2024

There are two ways to say “Fuck it.”

The first way means: “We’re fucked." Just give up. Go huddle up in the woods somewhere.

The second way means the exact opposite. That "Fuck it" is the war cry of the student standing in front of the tank in Tiananmen Square, Ukrainians giving the finger to Putin, Palestinians standing up to marauding settlers in the West Bank. When you have nothing to lose, "Fuck it" takes on weird kind of power. It’s the last great act of furious defiance.

We choose Number Two.

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Adbusters: The Big Ideas of 2024

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New ways to live, love, and play

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The mindlords issue

In our year-end issue we ask if life on Earth has any meaning. Then we go on a magical mystery tour of all the big ideas, the savior memes, the breakthrough eco, psycho, econo, political and aesthetic transformations without which a sane sustainable future is unthinkable.

Good holiday read.

Must have intelligence for the dangerous year ahead.

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Lies start wars

One of the great epiphanies of my life happened thirty-five years ago in my neighborhood supermarket parking lot. I was plugging a coin into a shopping cart when it suddenly occurred to me just what a dope I was. Here I was putting in my quarter for the privilege of spending money in a store I come to every week but hate, a sterile chain store that rarely offers any locally grown produce and always makes me wait in line to pay. And when I am done shopping, I’d have to take this cart back to the exact spot their efficiency experts have decreed, slide it back in with all the other carts, rehook it, and press a button to get my damn quarter back.

A little internal fuse blew. I stopped moving. I glanced around to make sure no one was watching. Then I reached for that big bent coin I’d been carrying around in my pocket and I rammed it as hard as I could into the coin slot. And then with the lucky Buddha charm on my keyring I banged that coin in tight until it jammed. I didn’t stop to analyze whether this was ethical or not — I just let my anger flow. And then I walked away from the supermarket and headed for the little fruit and vegetable store down the road. I felt more alive than I had in months.

— Excerpt from the prologue of Manifesto for World Revolution

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Schizophrenic Superman

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