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I passed a guy the other day, maybe 16, 17 years old. And as he got a little ways down the street I heard him holler at the top of his lungs: “I hate my fucking life and everyone in it!” (I guess that included the defeated-looking woman I took to be his mom, who was walking 20 feet behind him.)

I felt sorry for this kid, and I hope he gets help. But I also found myself giving him a little private salute. At least he’s facing it. Bellowing his sad truth to the heavens must have felt like a bit of liberation.

Who hasn’t felt a hint of that existential frustration? Maybe you even feel it now. Like: Really? This is the life I have settled for? Starbucks, Safeway, smokeshop, home. Bang, bang, bang, marching to the drumbeat of capitalism.

—from the soon to be released Adbusters book - A Manifesto for World Revolution

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Biking home from work the other day, I was in the pits of despair. This job, sometimes… I don’t know what it was, but being on social media all day, it weighs on you. There’s so much going on that we’re entirely powerless to change. So many forces bigger than us.

And no one is doing much of anything.

Protest marches are so boring. The same old signs, the same old chants, the same old people.

What happened to revolution?

We’re forgotten that protests are powerful. A medium to change the world. So why are all the placards we see right now so fucking dull?

On that day I biked into an Extinction Rebellion march. There was a throng of people dancing beneath a sign the size of some rooms, quivering in the breeze.


And in that second I thought “Fuck yeah! Of course it is!

That was an epiphany moment. A good protest sign has the power to change your mood from dreary to delighted. And it might just change the right person’s mind.

Adbuster's crusade against Xi Jinping's Slave state

Step 2: A boycott of Walmart & Amazon

80% of the stuff sold in Walmart comes from China.
Amazon isn't up front about their product sources but we know it's probably well over 63%.

Why are we supporting China like this?

Find other ways to shop — go local and support indie stores.

Let's work together and stop mindlessly supporting Xi Jinping.

What should we do for step three? Tell us your ideas at

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A Radical Experiment In Living Off the Grid

Is it possible — in a world crisscrossed with roads, railways, pipelines, and shipping routes — to carve out a little freedom from the free market? For an answer squarely in the affirmative, see autonomous zones: pockets of sovereignty where the people, asserting themselves, mount scale-model societies unloosed from the dual bonds of capitalist industry and the industrial state. Radical in spirit and prefigurative in principle, autonomous zones are sociopolitical laboratories in which the shape of a viable future may well be cast. At a time when prospects for that kind of a future appear dimmer every day, grasping the results of these experiments isn’t merely interesting, but imperative: if even one of them can withstand the rising heat, it just might prove our last best hope.

Take the zad. Crawling with biodiversity, it spans some 4,000 acres of woods, pasture, hedgerows, and wetlands — a regional mixture known as bocage — near the township of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, in the west of France. Alongside a handful of hold-out farmers, this expanse is home to dozens of squatters who dwell in handmade cabins, tend communal gardens, mill their own wheat, bake their own bread, brew beer, make cheese, tan hides, publish a paper, run a pirate radio station, keep a library — in brief, who make up a leaderless, self-sustaining cooperative.

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Keep Voting & see our cynicism about the future starkly exposed

Surprising results, aren't they? Our faith in our future seems to be at an all time low. After all, at least the cockroaches have a chance of surviving the looming environmental catastrophe. The time for dramatic change is upon us, before we're forced to hand off the reins to the insects.

Solution Activism

Witness the power of a battlecry for the 21st century. These activists sing from their hearts and stand up in the face of ecological disaster, with sheer vitality and emotion, disrupting not only Shell’s annual meeting but the very medium of activism, bringing a new sense of solidarity and cultural power to the front lines.

Across from the activists, past the faceless security guards, sit stoic board members with empty expressions, endless apathy. For once they are silenced if even for a mere moment, and we fully understand the activists’ message, a message that every last one of us has secretly wished for during this constant and unyielding destruction of our planet. It’s time we sent these devils back to hell.

Hey Jammer,

We’re going cerebral on this Jam of the Week with the track HANZO Pt.1 from the casually dystopic cinematic album ARCMAPS by Vancouver retro-futurist SAN.

SAN’s Stefan Nazarevich sonically imagines a world in decline through the gradual disintegration of pop hooks and forward-thinking beats. HANZO Pt.1  is part of a greater visual-album, a 20 minute art film exploring the themes of emotional detachment and identity in a lo-fi near future. Nazarevich describes it as something “which explores a myriad of worlds that erupt forth from an artificial imagination […] a possible future in which humanity dissociates from the real world through digital pleasure - a doomed assembly line, building marvels only to destroy them. The meticulous production echoes these themes, further building a world that feels paradoxically vast and ancient, erudite and intimate.”

Listen to the full track below or click here to stream the full visual album.

Joey Malbon

Spiritual Breakthrough

On the weather report, another record-breaking hurricane is chewing up the coast. You drive out through the suburbs and discover a shantytown, the kind you’ve always associated more with Somalia or Haiti than your own hometown. One more overtime shift at work, and your company health plan will automatically sign you up for Prozac. On TV, there’s another war.

Around and around and around. Even the most entrenched believers in the new global order have a mounting sense that some fundamental mindshift is needed. The contradictions of late-capitalist life put increasing pressure on our psyches to synthesize the data, yet insights come only in fits and starts. They appear like desert mirages, dazzling us with their promise and then dissolving into sand.

And suddenly we are all wondering: What would it be like to drink deeply? Can we in the First World have a revelation? Would we recognize one if we had it?

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Israel surveils Palestinians more than china surveils the Uyghurs

Al Jazeera's incendiary new documentary unmasks the terrifying reality of Israeli surveillance.

Palestine is the testing ground for the worst abuses of privacy and freedom of movement that a surveillance state can muster.

The Israeli government doesn't want you to watch this. Share it with all your friends!

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Child Labor in America

Private equity titan Blackstone is using child labor in its meat packing plants. Let’s wipe this sicko corporation off the face of the earth! Blockade their offices; pie their executives; destroy their brand. Do whatever it takes!

The feminist philosopher Andrea Nye has suggested that Simone Weil’s emphasis on obligations rather than rights may offer a way out of the impasse over abortion in the US. Thousands of ordinary readers interested in mysticism or Catholicism have found her books illuminating.
- Linda A. Bell

We can do better than asking women (and men) to choose between their children and themselves.
- Karen Swallow Prior

We on the Left will keep thrashing around in the weeds until we find the courage to engage wholeheartedly with our opponents.

Read the whole 8 part series HERE

The only thing we can imagine is catastrophe

There is very good reason to believe that, in a generation or so, capitalism itself will no longer exist – most obviously, as ecologists keep reminding us, because it’s impossible to maintain an engine of perpetual growth forever on a finite planet, and the current form of capitalism doesn’t seem to be capable of generating the kind of vast technological breakthroughs and mobilizations that would be required for us to start finding and colonizing any other planets. Yet ...

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Decorate an ATM

ATMs are constant reminders that capital is the dominant religion of our time. They are modern shrines.

So let’s treat them that way.

Let’s drape ATMs with garlands, decorate them with flowers, crucifixes, votive candles, incense burners, little statues of the Virgin of Guadaloupe. Let’s surround them with mementos and splash them with paint.

Let's make them an art project.

Hey Artists and Designers,

Do we still have it? Can we invent new aesthetics, design sustainable products and rid our cities of waste . . . cultivate new sensibilities for our post-materialist age?

There are hints of this new aesthetic in Kenya Hara's Designing Design when he talks about "a future without artifice," "whispered value systems" and creating "vehicles of thought and feeling." He says products are supposed to inspire "acceptance" not "appetite" . . . that the appropriate response to a product is "This will do," not "This is what I want."

And there are clues to it in Jean-Marie Massaud's mission to create "a new art de vivre," and examples of it in Banksy's (and other street artists') heady mix of politics, design and the intimacies of everyday life.

Our century will be a time of monumental ideological clashes, paradigm shifts and metamemetic insurgencies on multiple fronts. We artists and designers must be the advance guards — positioning ourselves at the forefront of every struggle and debate.

Just as farmers are the keepers of the land, we are the keepers of mindscape. We must nurture it and care for it and make sure there will always be wilderness, diversity and freedom there.


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Rewild your Child

No screen time before age two, period. Reduce your own screen use in family spaces. De-screen common living areas and normalize analog pastimes and traditions; music, fine arts, reading, out loud story time, board and card games, help in the kitchen with cooking, candlelight hang-outs. Eat meals together as much as possible, with no screens permitted; respect the culture of the table.

Always, at every turn, reinforce the message that the real world is more interesting than the screen world. Point out every flying or perching bird, every darting squirrel, every crawling caterpillar, every passing cloud, every interesting shadow, every tree waving its branches in the wind. Make a religion out of doing this. Let your kids touch dirt, skin their knees, hide in bushes, climb boulders and trees. Nature, wherever you can find it, is the “app,” the “platform,” the “interface,” the “engagement” kids crave and need.

Rather than teach your kids what a smartphone can do, teach them that they don’t need one. Put fishing rods, ski poles and buck knives (almost anything, really) into their hands. Get them hiking and paddling before swiping and scrolling. Get them building lean-tos and forts before building Minecraft cities. Get them looking at plants, animal tracks and rocks before looking at "nature apps." Give them paper maps and compasses before you give them Google Maps.

If you don’t mold your kids’ values early on, the tech moguls will.
— Paul Keeling

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Adbusters #166

POP! Goes the Old World Order

Is this the final chapter in the human story? Are we too exhausted to do more than bingewatch and doomscroll?

OK, but like it or not, you still have a choice: Throw in the towel and keep sipping lattes . . . or screw up your courage and go down swinging . . . do something.

Issue 166 asks what it means to be alive today, and how we can conjure up a new vibe, a new dream — a new bottom-up way of thinking so dangerous and beautiful that it opens up all the possibilities for governing ourselves in the future.

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Adbusters 165 Hits Newsstands WOrldwide NOw!

An Interview by Lela Vujanić

Khaled Hourani:

Artist Khaled Hourani

First Intifada was an Artistic Project

“I always argued that the First Intifada was an artistic action,” said Palestinian artist Khaled Hourani, almost immediately upon meeting me on the patio of his Ramallah apartment. We spoke at the end of September, when the temperature was still high; you could feel the summer breeze in the air and hear the drums of the Third Intifada, played by youth born in refugee camps. As international organizations like to put it, “security conditions were deteriorating” all around us thanks to decades of Israeli dispossession, violence, and occupation.

Read Full Interview...

A Fundamental Shift in the Nature of Value

I’ve never quite understood finance. It’s a nut I just can’t crack. I don’t get why the stock market goes up when there’s bad news.

Or why at a time of climate crisis the Dow Jones is breaking all records. I don’t know why 30 percent of new wealth is speculative — no physical objects bought or sold. Or exactly what work the three trillion dollars sloshing around the global economy every day is actually doing. Nobody has ever been able to explain this to me in a way that makes sense.

And how come tax havens still exist? And why did no one on Wall Street go to jail after the meltdown of 2008?

It’s all a mystery to me.

But I think maybe I’ve been looking in the wrong place. Read more...

Send this to the minister responsible for Canada's over-censoring intelligence agency:

Marco Mendicino,

Why is CSIS keeping vital information from the Canadian people?

If Canadian elections are being tampered with by foreign governments, the people have the right to know. Secrecy is a rot that has eroded the people's confidence in this government's fitness to power. A free democracy cannot exist if our intelligence agency won't let us know when it's at risk.

There is nothing so precious that we the people can't know it.

[Your Name Here]

America's Secret Sauce

When I first hit San Francisco back in the ’60s, America was in the throes of an almighty cultural explosion. Everything in the air all at once. Poetry and music and fashion trying to explain it as it was happening, but it couldn’t keep up. You needed LSD / psilocybin / marijuana to modulate the tempo. And the new vibe – which absolutely steamrolled the tired old tummy-rub culture of Gunsmoke / Bonanza / I Love Lucy — shot throughout the world so quickly you couldn’t help but wonder: Could this youth rebellion be the beginning of a global revolution?

Well, no. The door closed almost as quickly as it had opened. The commercial vibe reasserted itself, and marked the start of an ugly half-century slide into decadent overconsumption, toxic arrogance and the suffocation of any creative impulse that won’t turn a quick buck. No surprise we’ve landed up where we have: divided and stuck and scared shitless about what comes next. As we enter the Year of the Rabbit, it feels like America is having a mental breakdown — literally falling apart at the seams.

But don’t count America out.

Humanity has always pulled out a win in the fourth quarter. The Big Chill 150,000 years ago nearly knocked us out before we'd really gotten started. The Toba volcano almost finished us 70,000 years ago, but we persisted. We dodged nuclear apocalypse by a hair's-breadth during the Cuban missile crisis. We've been knocked back decades by plagues and pandemics a few times, but we always come back swinging.

It's in our nature to adapt and overcome right?

Human progress will continue into the far future! The GDP will keep rising! We'll figure out climate change by sheer force of our technological optimism . . .

Or we won't.

A Manifesto for World Revolution — the dream, the book, the mind bomb — will drop this spring.

We don’t yet have the language to describe the new wave of activism that’s going to sweep the planet as the endgame intensifies. But it’s not people marching through the streets, shouting the same old slogans, waving the same old signs… no! It’s going to be people breaking out of their funks, their depressions and anxieties, their cowardly wokeness — rejuvenating their revolutionary spirit — millions of us in cities everywhere, venturing out alone and in small wolf packs on #FuckItAll Fridays, pulling off myriad acts of civil disobedience, demanding world leaders listen to us, and threatening to bring their doomsday machine to a screeching halt if they don’t.

We catalyze a sudden, unexpected moment of truth, a stunning reversal of perspective - a global mind shift - from which the corpo-consumerist forces never fully recover

Come with us for a journey of a lifetime.

We want you!

Adbusters is looking for people to fight the good fight. If you are:

Magazine/Web Designer
Web Editor
Web Developer
Creative Writer/Director

The planetary endgame is approaching. But we're just getting started. Got the political savvy and the activist chutzpah to mobilize thousands and engage with millions? If you live around Vancouver send your resume and cover letter to Read more...

My teenage daughter’s social life is a whirl of competing invitations: You wanna go thrifting, or to the movies? Or maybe we grab some food while we prep for the Model UN trip and solve the world’s problems before sunrise?

All her friends are female or female identified. They are flowering, flourishing, gunning for a future full of power and promise. No boys cloud this picture. These girls have no more use for boys than ducks have for socks.

However her romantic proclivities ripen, it seems least an even bet that my daughter ends up with a female life partner, almost by default. The boys her age are in MIA. They are at home, bestriding their online private kingdoms: Crossfire, Grand Theft Auto, Orcs Must Die! 3. Their reflexes are extremely good.

thank you hedi slimane

In some ways they are following the path of the hikikomori, Japan’s lost generation of young men who started opting out more deliberately at least a decade ago. Cultural and family pressures have boxed the min. It’s a game they can’t win, so they have decided not to play. With a fuck that wave of the hand, the hikikomori confine themselves to their bedrooms for months or even years. They are conscientious objectors, secure in their caves, hermits without the asceticism. Reliable estimates put their number at half a million. Here in the West, some of the lost boys do venture out. Only to get promptly, cruelly... read more


Fight, fight, fight for your freedom! Stand up to the occupiers. Do what the Algerian freedom fighters did to France, what the South African freedom fighters did to apartheid and what the Ukrainian freedom fighters are doing right now to Putin.

And gain strength from knowing the bulk of the people of the world are behind you. Billions of us will fight alongside you with boycotts, donations, cash transfers and everything else we got.

- The Third Force

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You can help the people of Palestine win their freedom fight: Take this BDS Tarot card and make it go viral.

Dear Mr. Vladimir Putin,

You are a bad man. You have broken the people’s First Commandment - invaded a neighboring country and caused havoc in the world.

And for this Dear Vladimir, we will punish you.

We will stop buying your vodka, boycott everything you make . . . stop buying your oil and gas . . . and we’ll treat you with utter contempt on the world stage.

Bit by bit, we will sap your power and pop your mystique, until your people wake up and plop you into the dustbin of history.

From now on, this is what happens to world leaders who break the people’s First Commandment.

Your ass is too tight.
Your surveillance too Orwellian.
Your censorship too monolithic.
Your China too much like a slave state.

Loosen up President Xi, or your brittle system will suddenly crack.

Kalle Lasn's Latest MindBomb

More MindBombs

Remember when Extinction Rebellion burst onto the scene in 2018? They hit like a tornado. They were fired up and angry ...

After years of tepid work from groups like Greenpeace and the Sierra Club slowly filled the well, XR came along and said, "Here's a bucket. Start drawing water.”

Fast forward to 2023. XR UK is getting out of the rebellion game. No more blocked roads, no more smashed windows, no more arrests.But we're not done rebelling. With XR out of the fight, we need a new strategy going forward. So let's get to it.

Read the full open letter...

Noticed a patch of grass shooting up next to the garage . . . my first instinct was to cut it down . . .whack it off with the weed-eater like I always do. . .But for some reason this time I couldn’t do it. This little tuft was trying so hard to thrust its way out of the stoney earth . . . a wild spirit wanting to have its moment in the sun . . . I saw bugs and beetles running around in there too . . . a tiny eco-system.
Gives me a good vibe every time I walk by.

Damn those blackberry brambles! . . . they’re multiplying like crazy . . . climbing over the garage . . . now creeping right onto the porch.

I’m losing my thirty year battle with this wild weed . . . can’t hack it down and keep it at bay like I used to. Every year I fade away a bit, while it grows stronger.

I’ve always known it was a losing battle . . . that in the end, the blackberries were destined to win. But in the meantime, I sure relish that fierce taste when I pop one in my mouth.

Quiet evening . . . preparing Masako’s dinner. And there’s this pesky fly buzzing around. It keeps landing on the counter. I shoo it away but it always comes back, like it has every right to be here in my kitchen. Eventually I grab the swatter. But then it lands on a sheet of Saran Wrap and stands resolutely right in front of my eyes . . . stunningly luminescent blue-green wings. . . quivering antennae . . . legs rubbing each other. I can tell it’s a bit slow and wonky from the autumn chill. I think it’s hungry too.

And now I have a new thought: Why not just let this fly be. Leave it alone. Let it hang around for another day or two, rounding out its natural life on its own terms.

This slowly unfolding drama reminded me of a Mr. Magoo cartoon clip from my childhood. That half-blind old trickster striding jauntily down a garden path, chattering to himself. He glimpses a line of ants marching towards him . . . with great pomp he steps aside and gives them the right of way.

. . . a whole flock of hummingbirds are ducking and diving around my bean patch. My god how fierce they get. Don’t know if it’s males chasing females or the other way around, but they go at each other with a vengeance that we humans no longer knowhow to muster. Is this is the root of our malaise? Why Hollywood movies are boring . . . TV is boring . . . the art scene is boring?

Why nothing lights us up anymore. Why no tiny miracles lift our spirits. Is it because we’ve cancelled all the mavericks, crazies and outliers? Because we no longer abide savage spontaneity?Because the wild has been beaten out of us? And could this be why we’re losing the planetary endgame. Why bureaucrats are calling all the climate shots? And algorithms are winning all the elections? And social progress has ground to a halt?

To make it through this century we’ll have to pull off a jump cut . . . be like those birds, juking and feinting and mixing it up, with fuck-it-all fierceness.

Come with us for a journey of a lifetime.

One day...

we'll shake our heads and wonder why our lives are so full of cookies and influencers and data-capture and linkbait and bots. We'll wonder why we allowed surveillance capitalism to become the norm, and whether the damage to our political, cultural, and emotional lives can ever be undone.


Mental Liberation is about gaining agency from the neck up... learning to nip anxieties in the bud, modulating mood swings, shifting vibes, ambiences, tones funks... seeing dark clouds on the horizon and taking action before they engulf us... and being fearless at just the right moment.


For the Wild,
The Third Force

Existence is a free
gift from the sun
- Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen

Herman Daly, a towering figure who was shamefully suppressed by generations of mainstream economists, passed away on October 28, 2022.

Rest in Peace

Come the moment,
come the man

Is the world finally ready to listen to Herman Daly, father of ecological economics?

The first mind Herman Daly changed was his own.
When he started studying economics in the 1950s at Rice University, in his hometown of Houston, he was a“growther” — just like pretty much every other economist.
The rules were simple: You keep producing more things for people to use, and the market system fairly distributes these things; wealth trickles down and everyone’s life gradually gets better.


Three blind mice

This year’s Nobel Prize in Economics went to three economists who certainly made an impact, just not in the way we might hope. Each of them played a huge part in perpetrating multiple financial meltdowns, crippling the world’s economy and pushing humanity to the brink of collapse. They and their neoclassical colleagues are the architects and cheerleaders of our failing world system, and I’d be happy if angry Econ101 students who know full well they have no future started disrupting classes, throwing pies and nailing manifestos to their professors’ doors.


Stick this to your Professor's door.



To live without dead time means to embody a great refusal, to find pleasure in struggle, to transform every moment of existence into a repudiation of the consumerist nightmare and an affirmation of revolutionary possibility. A semester, a year, a decade without Big Macs, Frappucinos and Facebook but overflowing with midnight adventures of blackspotted billboards, guerrilla gardening and spectacular synchronized global memewar actions. Imagine if a huge number of us start living in this way, turning daily life itself into a form of resistance that re-enchants the city and reawakens the promise of a people’s insurrection. The way forward is through this kind of radical play.

Turn On Music
And Scroll!

blackspot collective

The Third Force

We’re caught in an existential crisis with no obvious way out. It’s time to question the hidden coordinates of our reality and launch a new operating system for Planet Earth. We're about to give you the codes . . . Are you ready?

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