OWS Bull Moves Closer To Wall St.

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It won’t take an army — a guerrilla battalion of a few hundred of us creatives will be enough to provide the critical spark for a wider insurrection.

Through trial and error and collaborative refinement, entertaining all and dismissing nothing, we will engender a steady stream of memes and stories, videos and happenings, provocations and pranks that articulate the absurd, indifferent, cold-blooded unsustainability of it all; the perversity of a system that thrives on the death of nature and the scored backs of future generations.

Then we will ignite an effigy of that dead schema. Among renewing flames, our ideas, too, will take to fire. Sequestered lightning will come uncorked, each forking bolt unleashing a tempest amid the false azure of the sleeping mind. Hundreds will grow to thousands; thousands will grow to millions. Wave after paradigm-shifting wave of cognitive dissonance — portents of life-affirming epiphanies; of devastating moments of truth — will crash upon apathetic shores. Meme by meme, protest by protest, mindbomb by mindbomb, we will dismantle the bonds of our mental subjugation and point towards a revitalizing vision of our future — new ways to live, love and think — a redemptive agenda for planet Earth.

It won’t take an army to spark the global mind shift. If a few hundred of us dedicated mavericks get together, we can change the aesthetics of taste and desire forever.

the Black Spot Collective at abillionpeople.org

New Aesthetic

Adbusters #146
Can Artists Save the World?

Adbusters #142 The Metameme Insurrection

"The car is on fire, and there's no driver at the wheel
And the sewers are all muddied with a thousand lonely suicides
And a dark wind blows"

We are now looking over the brink, and what lies beyond are not negligible, sentimental shallows. But we are stuck. What can bring us away from the ledge? What can shake us out of this state of stagnancy? And what can be done to remove the worst of the rot? Where can we find the true diagnosis of our disease?

We know ourselves by the mirror that we lay before us — the mirror of art and aesthetics. And in a world that is brutalized and on fire, artists may be our best hope to navigate our wayward ship...

... out of existential despair, out of the clamor. Out of hope, a brutalist new aesthetic is emerging.

In this issue of Adbusters, we boldly ask: Can artists save the world?

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