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8th Anniversary of #OccupyWallStreet

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Meme Warfare

Adbusters #145
I Feel Nothing

Adbusters #142 The Metameme Insurrection

Conformity. Apathy. Passivity. Isolation. Tedium. Alienation. Listlessness. Indifference. Sedation. Mammon.

Today's late stage of capitalism is defined by all these. It has ushered in unprecedentedly devastating economic, environmental, and political crises. Capitalism — the system itself, as well as those among us who passively participate in it — is neither capable of nor willing to solve these era-defining perils. If we are to extricate ourselves from the current existential mess, we'll need new tools — tools that are radically different from the ones used to build the system that engendered it.

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