Thaw Your Thoughts This Full Snow #Moonday

This Saturday, February 27th, wrench your eyes away from your screen.

Toss your device aside

And get outdoors beneath the Full Snow Moon for a little late-winter melt of your mental plumbing.

Call it a bit of premature spring cleaning. This #Moonday, it's time to thaw your thoughts . . . and dig deep in search of the grit needed to take the Year of the Ox by the horns.

We're hatching a revamped new Left — and a movement to match — to sweep aside the rabid Right and steer things onto a sane sustainable path. And having had enough of banks, billionaires, tyrants and technocrats, we're launching a #WorldwideGeneralStrike in the lead-up to the 10th anniversary of Occupy Wall Street.

One perfectly timed global ritual can change the course of history. To pull it off, it'll take a clear head and all the guts you can muster.

Are you ready?








The Third Force

The hierarchical, top-down power structures that ruled the world for thousands of years are collapsing before our eyes. The street now has unprecedented sway.

I'm about to give you the codes.

Are you ready?

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In Myanmar, Protestors Took Beatings and Bullets — and Responded with Paint and Poetry

Protestors in Myanmar are bringing a righteous form of beauty to the streets, defying the military regime that overthrew the country's civilian government in early February. Having faced beatings and bullets, demonstrators are responding with spray paint and poetry — vibrant expressions of a civil-disobedience movement not easily cowed by the notoriously brutal junta.

A ubiquitous symbol of resistance among protestors is the three-finger salute, borrowed from like-minded activists in Thailand who in turn adopted the gesture from The Hunger Games. The salute features prominently in the protest art of online collectives such as Art for Freedom, whose mission is to "share art for common use" which promotes the "will of the Myanmar people against the military coup in Myanmar."

Protest art published by Art for Freedom

Another anti-coup icon, designed by the illustrator known as Kuecool, is an image depicting a young woman dressed in a sarong, wielding a wok in one hand and a spatula in the other. As in much of the protest movement's art, the image's red background represents the party color of the National League for Democracy, whose leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, is the deposed state counsellor of Myanmar. Suu Kyi was jailed by the military during the coup.

The face of Myanmar's resistance, as imagined by Kuecool.

References to the "Milk Tea Alliance" also feature in countless protest images and social-media posts. The name points to milky drinks popular in Thailand, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, where like-minded activists have launched demonstrations in solidarity with those in Myanmar. (India and Indonesia, too, are sometimes included among the Alliance.)

It's time to rise up protest art published by Art for Freedom.

It's all the visual manifestation of a massive popular uprising intent on resisting dictatorship and restoring democracy. On February 22, a nationwide general strike drew millions into the streets. The crowds included civil servants and doctors, cashiers and oil-rig operators — suggesting that a broad swath of the population is fed up with the junta's injustices. The strike came in the wake of a bloody weekend during which two unarmed demonstrators were shot dead by police, one of whom was 16 years old.

Despite the deaths, the detention of hundreds, and the military's ever-tightening grip on civil society, the movement remains "unbowed, unbent, unbroken."

#SaveMyanmar protest art published by Art for Freedom.
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266 to 0: Canadian Parliament Says China Is Committing Genocide

Canada's House of Commons delivered an uncontested rebuke to Xi Jinping's Chinese Communist Party by declaring that the Chinese state is committing a genocide of Muslim minorities in Xinjiang province. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet abstained from voting.

In heavily surveilled Xinjiang, over one million Chinese citizens belonging to ethnic, religious, and linguistic minorities — most of whom are Muslim Uyghurs — have been interned in so-called "re-education camps." Scores of reports allege that the camps are hotbeds for ideological brainwashing, slave labor, torture, rape, and attempts to curb minorities' birth-rates — including forced sterilizations and abortions.

"When the Nazis were exterminating Jews, the world did not believe until [it saw] the liberated camps," said Kayum Masimov, a former teacher in Xinjiang, in a news conference hosted by Canada's Conservative Party. "Today the Chinese Communist Party are holding Uyghurs in concentration camps and killing them. Yesterday’s Jews are today’s Uyghurs."

China's embassy to Canada fired back, decrying what it deemed an "anti-China farce" and — in a novel variation on the Soviet quip "and you are lynching negroes" — urging that Canada "reflect deeply on the tragic history of its indigenous people." (A recent government-mandated inquiry found that Canada did, indeed, commit genocide against Indigenous peoples.)

According to Uyghur-Canadian activist Mehmet Tohti, Canada's declaration amounts to the first official recognition of the Uyghurs' genocide by a legislative body. (The U.S. State Department issued a similar declaration earlier this year.)

But official statements are one thing —stopping atrocities is another. Boycott every company, and every brand, complicit in Xinjiang's forced-labor camps. Heckle your representatives until they acknowledge that slavery and genocide have no place in today's world. Press them to take diplomatic or economic action against the genocidal tyrants in the CCP — freeze assets, sanction, whatever it takes.

It's time for BDS to come to Beijing.


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I’m About to Give You the Codes. Are You Ready?

Resistance is what people feel when they just can’t face what needs to be done. Something important is right in front of them, but it’s so hairy, so scary in its implications on their life, their cozy way of keeping on keeping on, that they can’t deal with it. They resist. The more fear, the more resistance. The more they know deep down that this needs to happen, the more they resist.
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Let’s get into something personal right off the hop. Let's talk about resistance.

Resistance is what people feel when they just can’t face what needs to be done. Something important is right in front of them, but it’s so hairy, so scary in its implications on their life, their cozy way of keeping on keeping on, that they can’t deal with it.

Resistance grips us when our very soul recognizes just how much is on the line. Like right now.

Caught in an existential crisis with no obvious way out, we begin to question the hidden coordinates of our reality and start thinking about a new operating system for Planet Earth. We hatch a new grand narrative, a set of ideas so fundamental, so systemic, so profound that a sane sustainable future is unthinkable without them.

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