Could this be the way out of our climate crisis?

If you’re in Dubai at COP28, then print multiple copies of this poster and whack them up all over the venue!

Simultaneously, in cities around the world, let’s whack this poster up on bus stops, lampposts, bank windows . . .

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“Gaza is Palestinian territory. Gaza belongs to Palestinians and it will remain so forever,” he said.

On Monday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan predicted that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be tried as a war criminal in a manner similar to that in which former Serbian President Slobodan Milosvic (1941-2006) was tried.

"Netanyahu, who is now the ‘Butcher of Gaza’, beyond being a war criminal, will definitely be tried as the Butcher of Gaza just as Milosevic was judged," Erdogan said while opening the meeting of the Economic and Trade Cooperation Committee of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (COMCEC) in Istanbul.

"This whole region is sinking in a sea of hatred that will define generations to come"

—Ayman Safadi, Jordanian Foreign Minister

...but all may not yet be lost... this could also be the beginning of a monumental rethink

culture Bending

Capitalism has turned every festival, every holiday, especially Christmas, into a consumerist slugfest.

These are now the perverse rituals of our failing civilization.

To make it through the 21st century, we must bend these rites back into their beautiful original form.

Check out our collection of the wildest #CultureBending drawings, doodles, photos, posters, stickers, poems, & cartoons. All sent in by artists from around the world.

Let’s start a movement to take Christmas back!


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In our year-end issue we ask if life on Earth has any meaning. Then we go on a magical mystery tour of all the big ideas, the savior memes, the breakthrough eco, psycho, econo, political and aesthetic transformations without which a sane sustainable future is unthinkable.

Good holiday read.

Must have intelligence for the dangerous year ahead.

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Hey all you brave hearts out there,

In our year-end brainstorming session, someone suddenly said, “The point is, There’s still hope!”

That’s usually a cue for the “Yeah!”s and the “Right On!”s to follow. But none did. No one knew what to say. Because no one wanted to lie.

So is that it? Is it over? Did we lose?

After decades of fighting the good fight, many activists have just … stopped believing. Our tactics have grown routine and repetitive. We’re exhausted and broke.

Meanwhile, all around, brutal wars are raging, scores of nations are turning hard right, and world leaders have abandoned all hope of fixing the climate crisis.

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New ways to live, love, and play

Take the Plunge

Listen to Kalle Lasn reading an excerpt from the book

Read the prologue here

Take the Plunge Here

No page numbers

No table of contents

No references, index or notes

...just a minimalist tour de force that gives artists, writers, and activists, philosophers, poets and punks

a blueprint for a new world order.

Check it out here

The Right is in denial, the Left running scared, and our world leaders lack vision and guts. We’re all just thrashing around. And the time clock’s almost down to zero.

Maybe our best play now is to totally rethink what it is we’re doing here, in the tail end of the consumer-capitalist mindfuck. And come up with some ritual that is just bewilderingly disruptive, radically out of hand.


Here's the deal: We take this one day of the week and repurpose it. Rededicate it to the service of the wild human spirit and a sustanable future. Make it a new kind of 21st century holiday:

A Global Day of Action.

Instead of working, we start the day by staring into the mirror, building up resistance in the circuitry of the heart. And then we hit the streets to sow inspired anarchic bliss.

We turn our cities into carnivals, our universities into hotbeds of revolutionary fervor, our supermarkets into fervent staging ground, our financial districts into fiery zones of contention. We churn everything up!

Some of us write poems and shoot them into cyberspace. Others wander around editing media messages, detourning ads, placing OUT OF ORDER signs on ATMS, posting ultimatums and manifestos on lampposts, singing in Starbuck's, taking our dog into the bank.

Every Friday, we say to world leaders:

Look, we don't trust you anymore. You're totally mishandling the climate crisis, the financial crisis, the refugee crisis. Your bureaucratic ways simply don't cut it anymore. So from now on We the People are going to upend 20,000 years of top-down rule and start calling the shots from below.

Here's what we want you to do:

We play jazz, discover new riffs, turn every friday into a drumbeat for a new world order.

Want to understand the theoretical foundations of our movement... GO HERE

Why did Israeli media make a collective decision to self censor this video?

The surge of protest and righteous anger against Israel's invasion of Gaza grows by the day. People are taking action in a way that they never have before, and it's more important than ever for media outlets to broadcast exactly what is happening — to tell it like it is.

So why are the Israeli media, CNN, BBC, CBC, NBC, ABC and CBS TV networks refusing to broadcast this video?

Lies start wars.
Secrecy starts wars.
Censorship starts wars.

The Third Force

What the hell happened?

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Where are all you rebels, radicals, and utopian dreamers?

Let's pivot to a more urgent and direct way to hold world leaders' feet to the fire.

Every Friday, in 100 cities around the world let's:

Whack this poster up on lampposts everywhere.

Email it to world leaders.

Buy full-page ads in The New York Times andThe Washington Post.

And let’s pick up the pace, the tempo, the rhythm of our activism . . . come up with a weekly drumbeat of outrage . . . turn every Friday into a global day of fuck-it-all civil disobedience.

Let’s demand our world leaders declare a Global Climate Emergency by years end, or we'll bring their doomsday machine crashing to the ground.

Join us

The third force

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Welcome to The Third Force.

Now 19,614 Strong

One of the great epiphanies of my life happened thirty-five years ago in my neighborhood supermarket parking lot. I was plugging a coin into a shopping cart when it suddenly occurred to me just what a dope I was. Here I was putting in my quarter for the privilege of spending money in a store I come to every week but hate, a sterile chain store that rarely offers any locally grown produce and always makes me wait in line to pay. And when I am done shopping, I’d have to take this cart back to the exact spot their efficiency experts have decreed, slide it back in with all the other carts, rehook it, and press a button to get my damn quarter back.

A little internal fuse blew. I stopped moving. I glanced around to make sure no one was watching. Then I reached for that big bent coin I’d been carrying around in my pocket and I rammed it as hard as I could into the coin slot. And then with the lucky Buddha charm on my keyring I banged that coin in tight until it jammed. I didn’t stop to analyze whether this was ethical or not — I just let my anger flow. And then I walked away from the supermarket and headed for the little fruit and vegetable store down the road. I felt more alive than I had in months.

— Excerpt from the prologue of Manifesto for World Revolution

continue the prologue here

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Before there was The Media Foundation there was Psychomedia Productions, an underground film collective that ran its wild dog-and-pony show out of the same Vancouver address that now churns out Adbusters. Just spitting distance from where Greenpeace midwifed the environmental justice movement, and a young Georgia Straight arts editor named Bob Geldof jacked into the electric countercultural scene that was Vancouver in the Seventies, Psychomedia strode the boards like a holy fool.

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