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The New Activist

is a truth seeker: someone who has left the introvert schisms of the old world behind.

The new activist is like a sniffer dog detecting power strategies and corruption, without hestitation.

New activists are spreading like a prairie fire.

They are the backlash brought about the new world culture. They are everywhere and maybe for the first time in history a leaderless evolution can take place instead of repetitive revolutions driven by control-freaks doing careers.

– Mats Sederholm,  Adbusters #129

Steve Lambert gallery walkthrough

I Used to Be a Human Being

    By the last few months, I realized I had been engaging — like most addicts — in a form of denial. I’d long treated my online life as a supplement to my real life, an add-on, as it were. Yes, I spent many hours communicating with others as a disembodied voice, but...