About us

Adbusters Magazine is the people’s bi-monthly journal of the mental environment.

But we’re so much more than a magazine.

We’re a global collective of writers, artists, designers, musicians, poets, philosophers and punks.

Since 1989 we’ve been smashing ads, fighting corruption and speaking truth to power. We’re trying to forge a new way of living, create a whole new cultural vibe to escape the capitalist paradigm and halt humanity’s slide into a 10,000-year dark age.

From BuyNothing Day to Occupy Wall Street  we’ve been at the helm of our era’s defining tone-shifting moments. We’re the creators of the world’s most ethical shoes and a design manifesto that shocked many creative people to their core.

Now we’re launching Fuck It All Fridays and sharing the codes to win the planetary endgame.

Join our revolutionary activist collective here.

Editor-in-chief, Kalle Lasn, is the bestselling author of Culture Jam (1999), Design Anarchy (2006) and Meme Wars (2012). Born in Estonia during World War II, he lived in a displaced persons camp before gaining refuge in Australia. He is a true global citizen, a poet-shaman with an outsider’s perspective and an insider’s cred.

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Join us in the hunt for fresh ideas, bold alternatives, radical solutions — new ways to live, love and think.

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