The Metamemetic Insurrection

A New Agenda for the 21st Century

As is now obvious to all, we are living through an era-defining ideological clash. We must decide whether to allow a regressive alt-right, ethno-religious, me-first, make-my-country-great-again ideology infect the body politic — a sure path to global catastrophe and World War III — or whether a big-ideas march toward a compassionate, all-inclusive new world order will emerge on the Left. This is the Meme War that will decide our fate. And to win this war, we must re-examine all assumptions, all rules, all habits of mind that have delivered us to this perilous moment.

In short, we must rethink almost all economic, political, and cultural precepts we’ve taken for granted for generations. We must breathe fresh life into progressivism, revive its mojo, and return it to the visionary force for change it once was.

Our strategy is to zero in on a new grand narrative, a once-in-a-millennium mind shift, a set of big ideas — metamemes — so fundamental, so systemic, so profound that a sane and sustainable future is unthinkable without them. This means shining a light on the hidden coordinates of our shared reality and unleashing a Metamemetic Insurrection on seven critical fronts:


We forge a Digital Bill of Rights, a document which articulates undeniable, common-sense demands to wrest back power from Big Tech.


We unleash the #TrueCost metameme — the idea that we can deliver ourselves from the climate crisis by moving resolutely toward a global true-cost market regime in which the price of every product tells the ecological truth.


We launch the mother of all boycotts, with the aim of wiping ExxonMobil off the face of the earth. Once the mightiest falls, the rest will follow — and we will witness the birth of a Corporate Charter Revocation Movement.


We slow the ravages of fast money by proposing an elegant idea: that you must hold a stock for 24 hours after its purchase before selling it. If instituted, this would kill off flash trading and fundamentally change the way stock markets operate and money flows.


We spark student mutinies in the economics departments of universities around the world by disrupting classes, plastering posters in the corridors, and nailing manifestoes to professors’ doors. 2020 could be the year in which campus uprisings provoke a revolution in economic thinking — a paradigm shift in the science of economics.


We propose a constitutional amendment for global adoption, calling for a national referendum requiring at least 50 percent of voters to formally assent to any war before it can begin.


We call on the artists, designers, and creatives of the world to transform the ambient tone of the world . . . the way it feels to walk around our cities . . . the mood of watching television . . . the knack and smack of navigating the net . . . the emotional valence of money and status . . . the way it feels to be alive today.

This may all seem idealistic, even far-fetched. But so did Occupy Wall Street when it was just a glimmer in our eye. The future is not yet written. And the planetary endgame currently unfolding demands nothing less than the full measure of systemic, fuck-it-all audacity and visionary boldness.

This year, we crack the global mind.

Join us!

Come with us for a journey of a lifetime.