#WhiteHouseSiege - Tactical Briefing #8

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Hey all you jazz players and re-occupiers out there,

Imagine this: It’s midnight, November 3rd. Every American’s fingernails are gnawed to the quick. Trump holds a razor-thin lead. If the counting stopped here, he’d eke out a win of the popular vote.

But Trump has no interest in seeing how this movie ends. In the morning he holds a press conference declaring victory. He says all the mail-in votes still to be counted — the ones certain to push Biden to victory — are fraudulent. The "deep state" has rigged mail-in voting to steal the election in favor of the Democrats, he says. I declare that those votes don’t count — so I refuse to give up the powers of the president.

And just like that, America is plunged into a nearly unprecedented political, moral, and constitutional crisis.

The Proud Boys cock their guns. The lawyers suit up for legal armageddon. Civil War suddenly seems not just possible, but likely — even inevitable.

But wait. History is not yet written. The strangling of democracy is not a done deal. The shape of things to come rests on the actions of every last citizen of the Republic.

So Dear Reader: here is something very personal, yet of tremendous civic importance, for you to consider:

If Trump tries to steal the election, what will you do? What role are you prepared to play in this historic showdown?

Read our first Tactical Briefing to get an idea of what we have in mind.

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