#WhiteHouseSiege - Tactical Briefing #9

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Tactical Briefing #9

Hey Jammer,

A week remains. The once-mighty U.S. is set to plunge into a moral, political, and constitutional crisis — unless we the people, the ultimate arbiters of power, intervene to set things to rights.

The Proud Boys cock their guns . . .

The lawyers suit up for legal armageddon . . .

Civil War suddenly seems not just possible, but likely

— even inevitable.

Where will you be when Trump tries to steal the election . . . when democracy falters . . . when freedom cedes to fascism . . . when history weeps?

Will you stand at the sidelines, a bystander before injustice . . . or will you play jazz, the righteous sound of our call to #ReOccupy the White House?

Now is not the time for apathy. Now is the time for action of the most powerful kind — aesthetic action.

We all have a part to play — whether rhythm or lead, behind the scenes or on the frontlines. Every voice, every act, every jam, every note you play counts . . . well beyond the point when the last vote is tallied.

So, collect your courage. Rally your spirits. Get out your horn. Call a few friends. Let a revolutionary blast of rebel jazz ring out across America.

It's time to make history.

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