#WhiteHouseSiege - Tactical Briefing #10

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Tactical Briefing #10

It's time . . . time to jazz the vote.

Get out your horn. Call your friends. Go to your nearest advance polling station and play some rebel jazz for all the good souls waiting there in line.

Lift their spirits . . . maybe even change a few of their minds.

Then, throughout the historic days and hours that follow, play your rebel heart out!


Come nighttime this Saturday, leave your phone behind and venture out to catch a rare glimpse of the Hunter's Blue Moon — which, eerily, falls on Halloween this year!

In the moonlight, think about what you will do to resuscitate a republic in shambles in the fiery, yet promising, year to come . . . the Year of the Ox.

Read our Tactical Briefings to get an idea of what we have in mind.

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Come with us for a journey of a lifetime.

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