Amazon Prime Won't Let You Go? Time to Break Free

Amazon Prime Won't Let You Go? Time to Break Free

If you've ever made the mistake of becoming a member of Amazon Prime, you should already be familiar with how painstaking it is to cancel your membership. Thousands of disregarded warnings regarding your soon-to-be-lost "benefits" later, you've managed to close your account at last. Or have you? Who's to say?

The maze of redundant clicks and confirmations is purposefully designed to confuse, or else to make you simply give up on the idea of cancelling your membership altogether — your credit card continuing to be charged a superfluous fee with every passing month.

That's clearly a breach of ethics. Which is why consumer groups are taking action to curb Amazon's abusing its customers. "It should be as easy to end a subscription as it was to subscribe in the first place," says Finn Lützow-Holm Myrstad, director of Norwegian Consumer Council — which filed a legal complaint against the corporation earlier this month. Similar groups across Europe and in the U.S. lauded the filing.

But Amazon isn't alone. These deceptive — and ultimately predatory — practices are widespread, especially online. In the era of monopolistic (and as-yet unregulated) Big Tech, we the People have to do our part to rein in the technology corporations.

Together, we can do righteous battle against the tyranny of Big Tech. Join the Mental Liberation Front to take back your mental space by force!

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