Mental Liberation Front Manifesto


Warriors of the MLF:

We call on you to do righteous battle against the powers of Big Tech — Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, all the rest — to take back your mind by force.

Every one of us is endowed with the power to reason. We can see our way out of psychological servitude — but only if we can think for ourselves.

No company has your best interest at heart. Only you can decide what to believe and what to ignore. Take that power back into your hands. Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. Disregard the Almighty Algorithm.

Do you have the will to win? Or will you lay down and quit? Will you just sip another latte, scrolling mindlessly through your Instabook feed while your every twitch or swipe is tracked, logged, sold, bought, manipulated, and used to exploit your credulity? Will you become another unwitting cog in the tyrannical surveillance-capitalist machinery?

A different kind of life is possible. But we have to push harder to break our habits.


I will refrain from using social media. Read the news critically and elsewhere. Switch to an alternative, open-source email service, like Tutanota, that exempts me from relentless surveillance. Use a search engine other than Google.

I will buy nothing on Amazon. Never allow Alexa into my home. Refuse to install anything to make my home or my life "smart."

Everyday, I will strive to use my smartphone with a little more discretion and thoughtfulness. Everyday, I will find something in the real world to marvel at.




Come with us for a journey of a lifetime.