One day... we'll shake our heads and wonder why our lives are so full of cookies and influencers and data-capture and linkbait and bots. We'll wonder why we allowed surveillance capitalism to become the norm, and whether the damage to our political, cultural, and emotional lives can ever be undone.

One day we'll let our minds drift back to the original dream — the FREENET — and wonder how we were suckered into taking that next, fatal step of mixing communication with commercialism.

One day we'll wonder how on earth we let the tech giants tamper with our children's natural social rhythms and sense of belonging. And whether all this explains why we ourselves are so anxious all the time.

One day, we'll start a mass rebellion against algorithmic mindfuck. We'll call ourselves "mental liberationists." Declare a moratorium on the secret extraction and manipulation of our personal data. And we'll come up with a new declaration of human rights — a Bill of Rights for the hybrid creatures we've evolved into.

Then, one fine day, we'll launch the Mental Liberation Front (MLF) and topple the mindlords.

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Come with us for a journey of a lifetime.