Let's Keep Airing This 15 Second Spot on Fox

This spot is airing 22 times on FOX in 5 battleground states.

CLICK HERE to see the full schedule of all air times across Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

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MILWAUKEE - July 4th - Between 7-8pm

PHOENIX - July 6th - Between 8-8:45am

ATLANTA - July 9th - Between 10-11am

DETROIT - July 12th - Between 12-12:30am

DETROIT - July 13th - Between 2-3am

DETROIT - July 14th - Between 11:30am-12:30pm

PHILADELPHIA - July 18th - Between 6-6:30pm

PHOENIX - July 20th - Between 12:30am-1am

MILWAUKEE - July 22th - Between 10:30-11am

PHOENIX - July 26th - Between 12-1am

PHOENIX - July 27th - Between 12-1am

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Mindbombs broadcast directly in the belly of the beast

could reach millions in seconds!

Mindbombs broadcast directly in the belly of the beast could reach millions in 30 seconds!

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Our target: CBC

Take the plunge below:

Our target: CBC

Take the plunge below:

How the funds will be used

90% of the funds will be used to buy airtime, 10% to cover our costs.

Adbusters will use your donations to purchase ads on major television networks, such as the CBC, CNN, Fox, etc. The ad with the most donations may not be the ad we air, as your donations mark your preferences, Adbusters retains the final say on ad selection and platform. We may also use your donations to make these ads go viral on the internet. A modest portion of your donation may go toward the production of the ads and any admin that may be involved. We may also purchase a variety of smaller ads with any remainder. No matter what your donations will help us win the planetary endgame.
Contributions made to Adbusters fundraiser are not deductible for income tax purposes as charitable contributions. Adbusters isn't a tax-exempt organization.