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Adbusters Person of the year

Time magazine put Zelensky on the cover as Person of the Year. We here at Adbusters might have made a different choice. Not that it’s a competition, but for our money it has to be Gustavo Petro. Because his cause goes beyond the survival and dignity of one nation. It’s about the future of every living soul.



One day we'll let our minds drift back to the original dream — the FREENET — and wonder how we were suckered into taking that next, fatal step of mixing communication with commercialism.


Winning the Planerary Endgame

To win the planetary endgame, we’ll have to rethink communications, finance, the corporation, economics, governance and aesthetics. But none of that will happen without rethinking activism as well.


Deep Dives

Dive deep into long form features on everything from smartphone addiction to what a True-Cost global marketplace would mean for the economy.

Hermetically Sealed Information Bubbles

In the age of disinformation, social media isn’t merely pushing your weird uncles and fringy friends into believing batty conspiracy theories. It’s deciding the outcomes of elections and shaping the course of world history, often to anti-democratic ends. In some countries, would-be autocrats are so deft at wielding the power of online untruth that...


Culture Jamming 2.0

In Early 2020, as the pandemic shut down the world and drove everyone deeper into cyberspace, word began to spread online about a massive and sinister cover-up. One that ought to have every every freedom-loving American very afraid. Had you heard?


Kensho Moment, a Quantum Transformation

“This is what capitalism does best, right?” she told the journalist Ezra Klein on his podcast not long ago. “It first creates this enormous appetite for things, and then it tells us that whatever we have is not enough. I mean, I think that is a form of madness. It seems to me there’s no question about that.”


Spoof Ads

Our fingers are on the global pulse, counting beats as we stutter towards the throes of death. If you want to know what Adbusters thinks about the news, this is where you find it.


We're in the middle of a guerrilla marketing war for the future of the planet. Conventional weapons are useless — all we have are ideas. These are the best of our culture jams.



Listen to the voice of Adbusters proffering sweet ASMR vibes about the end of capitalism and where Occupy Wall Street went wrong.

Adbusters 161: Hope/Nope

The Pulse

Memes can be cinematic too. Turn up the volume and watch the chaos of the world unfold and disintegrate before your very eyes.

Unprime Day

Prime Day, Amazon’s yearly deal-hawking hoopla for its swindled subscribers, begins on June 21. And there’s never been a better occasion to cancel your Prime membership and boycott Amazon and all its subsidiaries (which include AbeBooks, Amazon Studios, Audible, Book Depository, ComiXology, Goodreads, IMDb, Twitch, Whole Foods, Zappos, and dozens more).


Why Don’t We Put the Head of the Sackler Family in Jail for Life?

For two decades Purdue Pharma peddled the falsehood that OxyContin, the painkiller at the heart of the deadly opioid epidemic, was safe and non-addictive. “More people in the United States died from overdoses involving opioids in 2017,” in Nature’s account, ”than from HIV- or AIDS-related illnesses at the peak of the AIDS epidemic.”


Who Will Win the Planetary Endgame?

Our world is being carved into two spheres of influence. For now, those spheres are limited merely to economic competition. But as the the tension mounts, there is a real possibility that the China-vs-U.S. face-off could spill over into an all-out war — a global fight for worldwide hegemony — maybe even World War 3.