An "intergalactic memorial carnival" for David Graeber

An "intergalactic memorial carnival" for David Graeber

"This is an invitation to come together across the world for a memorial carnival in the spirit of the one and only, David Graeber, who just left us so suddenly and unexpectedly. The invitation emerges from his wife Nika and a handful of his friends. ...

"Being a player in the anti-capitalist movements of the 90's and noughties, he knew about the irresistible similarities between the experience of a carnival and an insurrection. Exactly 9 years ago today, on the 17th of September an invitation was responded to and a movement was born. The invitation simply said: 'Occupy Wall Street - Bring a tent'. David was one of the tens of thousands who responded by organising and occupying, the rest is history. Today we invite you to organise a memorial carnival for David wherever you are on Sunday October the 11th.

"Whether you are alone at home and want to just read your favorite passage of his work, or an activist collective that wants to take over the streets with a mass assembly; whether you are a group of academics in a seminar room or fighters on the front line; whether you are in a squat or on an anthropological field trip, a protest camp or a museum, anywhere can host a memorial carnival. There is a simple rule however: ‘bring a mask’ (more carnival than covid style of course).

"Plans are already underway for dozens of events including at Zuccotti Park NY, in Rojova, the zad, Korea, Austria, Berlin, London."

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