August 10, 2021

Welcome To The Third Force Collective

History is written by the Outsiders. And right now, as you read these words, it’s happening again.

Something unlike anything ever seen is brewing in our culture. A completely new kind of resistance movement. It operates beyond geographic borders and political structures. It is a mongrel global community, a mighty tide rising to meet the existential crises now engulfing humanity. We are the ass-kickers, justice warriors and culture jammers . . . the artists, poets, philosophers and punks . . . the ones who trekked up the mountain, ate the mushroom, trod on the grass. Who cleaned up messes we never made, and put up with the bullshit until we couldn’t take it anymore.

The energy of a whole generation is coming together in an almighty yawp.

We are not a political party. Nobody voted for us. We don’t identify as Left or Right.

Our power is in our numbers, and in this most revolutionary tool ever invented in the palms of our hands.

The hierarchical, top-down power structures that have ruled the world for thousands of years are collapsing before our eyes. The street now has unprecedented sway. We know what we want. After centuries of rule by kings, emperors, tyrants, mad men, fascists, communists, military dictatorships and mega-corporations, We the People of the world are now ready to take charge of our own destiny and start calling the shots from below.

And if the leaders, politicians and pundits of the old world order refuse to listen to us, then, armed with our metamemes — ideas so fundamental, so systemic, so profound that a viable future is unthinkable without them — we will flood the streets and get the

job done by the sheer power of enraged swarms of humanity howling for deliverance from a future that does not compute. We are the Third Force!

And our creed is this World Revolution Algorithm. Think of it as an octopus: eight arms, each with its own brain and revolutionary agenda.

Check it out. Start anywhere. Poke around and see what speaks to you.

As if you feel a shiver of delight suddenly sluicing through your veins, you’re ready to join us, as we prepare for our first big campaign: This summer’s Worldwide General Strike.

If we can get a hundred thousand fired up activists strutting their stuff on each of the legs of the octopus, we can nudge this failing experiment of ours on Planet Earth back onto a sane sustainable path.

This algorithm will give you the codes.

Are you ready?

The Third Force

Now 17,000+ strong!
100k by the end of summer . . .
1 million by next year.