Wake Up!

Once again, The New York Times has trotted out its familiar old slander about the populous countries of the developing world.

“China burns more fossil fuels than any other nation,” reads a recent article titled “World Wants Action as China Gushes Emissions.”

Yet the insistence that China be held accountable for the climate crisis is out of step with per-capita stats. In 2018, Americans generated more than 15 metric tons of carbon dioxide per capita. In the same year, the average Chinese person generated less than half as much.

Meanwhile, China leads the world in solar power and expects renewables to account for a quarter of its energy requirements by 2030. President Xi Jinping also promised that the PRC will be carbon-neutral by 2060 well before any G20 country had gotten onboard the empty “net zero by 2050” bandwagon.

China is the most populous country on earth, with over four times as many inhabitants as the US. It’s no wonder that it produces more CO2 than any other country. Yet to play the blame game and shift accountability from the rich and reckless to the poor and imposed-upon represents a total moral failure on the part of the American conscience.

The climate crisis imperils all of humanity, whether Chinese or American. It’s time for the true culprits to get a clue and wake up!

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