The Flattening of the Money Curve

Covid-19 turned from an outbreak into a pandemic because of airplanes. The virus shot around the world, instantly found new hosts, and replicated everywhere all at once. It was out of Pandora’s box before anyone could make a lid big enough to shut it down.

Speculative money has spread the virus of capitalism the same way. The throughput is out of control — because there are no borders or governors or effective laws to stop the money-from-nothing algorithm. The speculative traders are like superspreaders, and the whole world is vulnerable.

Our only hope is to shut those guys down. The new financial architecture must flatten the money curve. On the personal front, we move our money en-masse out of the capitalist algorithm and reverse the money flows whichever way we can. On the social front, we eliminate tax havens, impose holding rules on stock trades and push a global Robin Hood Tax through. We make it harder and harder for money speculators to ply their unholy trade. We reduce the money sloshing around the internet every day from $3-trillion to $2-trillion to $1-trillion . . . and then down to a modest $500-million.

Slowly the supply of bad money starts shrinking and the supply of good money, money that’s doing honest work, starts growing.

As we flatten the speculative money curve, things for all of us all around the world will slowly get better — until eventually we reach financial herd immunity.

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