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Brazil’s Game King Is About to Be Dethroned

This week a new scandal came to light in Brazil and it involved a young woman who claimed she was sexually assaulted by Bolsonaro, and he allegedly threatened to ruin her if she spoke out.

Upsetting images of Bolsonaro apparently acting in an inappropriate sexual way with the woman were circulating and putting him in the spotlight again.

Bolsonaro said he was “insecure” over the images and accused the girl of blackmail.

“These pictures ... portray a shameful, ridiculous scene,” he said in a video posted to Twitter.

“I’m not trying to hide. I’m not embarrassed. It’s absurd to think that someone would blackmail me for something that never happened and that I never did.”

At the beginning of the month Brazil was plunged into an unprecedented scandal as the entire country witnessed the downfall of the country’s most unpopular president ever. After almost three years in office, the scandal-hit president of Brazil was forced to resign after it was revealed he had cheated on his wife with a 29-year-old congresswoman.

In a bizarre attempt to convince people that he was sane, Bolsonaro went to a polling station on the day of the election and said he was worried about losing because it would mean compromising his brand.

He tweeted that he would “compromise my integrity and the brand I have created,” and that he would “obey the rules of the democratic game.”

The 55-year-year-old former military officer has become an astonishingly popular figure in recent years, with his strong views on fighting crime and racism gaining him notoriety as “Brazil’s game king.”

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