We Must Not Abandon Myanmar!

We Must Not Abandon Myanmar!

As the remaining shreds of Myanmar's long-troubled democracy disintegrate, atrocities are being committed against civilians. But where is the rest of the world?

More than 700 have been killed by the military since it took power on February 1st. Last Friday, in a single city, it murdered more than 80 anti-coup protestors; reports suggest that heavy weaponry — including artillery and machine guns — was involved. That same day, 23 citizens were sentenced to death by a military court.

The UN's office in the country has limply insisted that "violence must cease immediately." But what government, organization, or individual actor has lifted a finger to take substantial action against Myanmar's brutal junta? Who stands in solidarity with its citizens?

It's time to separate the wheat from the chaff. We the people of the world must take charge of our own geopolitical destiny. Force the Bidens, Johnsons, Trudeaus, Morrisons, Merkels and Macrons of the world to put their moral mettle where their mouths are. Tell them to stop the Myanmar military from murdering its own people by all means possible. Tell 'em: "I won't vote for you unless you stand up for Myanmar."

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