Smartphone Brain Blues

It knows me better than I know me

Thinks of me, thinks for me

Pays my bills, entertains me

Directs me, reminds me

Briefs me, captures me

I’m captured, that’s for sure

A lifetime of convenience

or my money back

But how about my soul?

Who has that stored away

in their passcode-gated clutches?

The Russians? Mark, Jeff or Elon?

If I’m a DIY’er, whose help do I need?

It helps me without the need eat, bathe or breath

I think I live for it, at least I’m starting to believe

A wise man once told me I should never hit delete

but I can’t remember who he was or if he was real

My memory is low, better upgrade so it feels

and thinks and loves and acts so I needn’t worry

Can it do that? Does it worry?

Does it hear my inner thoughts?

Or are brain waves store-bought?

Better Google it to be sure.

Raj Tawney Smartphone Brain Blues

Raj Tawney is an American nonfiction writer and poet in New York, covering culture, race, food and humanity. He was a featured poet in The Iowa Review's 2020 National Poetry Month series.

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