Call For Submissions

Steven Vogel

Opening an issue of Adbusters should banish all expectations you ever had. It should turn your assumptions inside-out.

Adbusters is not your English Lit professor. Or your Econ 101 prof. This is not a place for academic-style essays or recycled ideas from a broken system. Our magazine is a journey of the mind — a portal to another way of thinking, learning, seeing, and understanding. Adbusters covers everything from politics, economy, the ecological environment, and the mental/psycho environment, to capitalism/anarchy, technology, culture, and design. Global issues are our jam. Emotional and personal experiences make all these topics universal, so put that in your stories and your designs. Take big ideas and let us know the effect it has on your daily life. People, history, current events, politically-charged concepts, and thoughtful ideas for systemic change interest the hell out of us.

Adbusters is moving towards a pseudo-comic book aesthetic, full of memes, paintings, the abstract, realism, cartoons, personal anecdotes, insightful observation, and inspired journalism. Funny & serious, refined & rough — we want it. Have something provocative in mind? Show us.

Send your best writing — be it experimental, poetic, or personal — to

All art, design, and photography can be sent to