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Adbusters Reprints FAQ

Since Adbusters is a non-profit, ad-free magazine, one way we are able to recoup the costs of the magazine, website and media literacy campaigns is through the reprinting of our original work. If you are interested in using any of Adbusters images in a book, website, calendar or any other printed material, please read the FAQ below.

Please read this carefully before emailing a request.

Please note that Adbusters does not own the rights to all images and text in the magazine and on the website.

Reprint requests can be made for spoof ads (e.g. Joe Chemo) or written work that appears in the magazine or on the website. The photos and artwork (other than the spoof ads and some original work) that appear in the magazines were either purchased from photo agencies or donated and most are not available for use outside of the magazine. Information about the sources of photos and artwork can be found in each issue, either in the margins closest to the gutter, or in the Art Contributors section (this is especially applicable to news photos).

Most of the issue covers are original Adbusters’ designs, and these can also be requested as reprints.

As for article requests and reprint requests for Culture Jam by Kalle Lasn, we can help you get in touch with Adbusters’ writers.

What information do I need to provide to request an image reprint?
  • Is this reprint for retail or non-profit use?
  • If it is for a publication, what are the details? Include estimated print run, cover price, number of pages, publisher, image use (e.g. inside page, 1/4 page, etc.), and specific rights requested (e.g. North American, Worldwide, print, electronic).
  • In what context will the reprint appear?

Please note that your request will be processed faster if you supply a low-res jpeg of the image(s) that you’d like to use. In some cases, there are several different ads with the same theme, and a visual really helps.

How much do reprints cost?

Generally, there are fees associated with image reprints. The cost varies largely on the usage. The more information you can provide to us, the easier it is for us to give you a quote. We do tend to waive or greatly reduce reprint fees for non-profit organizations.

How long will it take to be notified about my request?

Reprint requests can take anywhere from 5 to 7 days. While we understand you are working under tight deadlines, we also have deadlines! Please do not call to inquire about your reprint request prior to the seven days. We handle them in the order in which they are received.

If you do require a reprint in fewer than 5 days, please be advised that we will charge a rush fee to accommodate the request.

What format/size are the spoof ads?

All spoof ads come in a standard postcard size (6×4 or 7×5), at 266 or 300 dpi. Some also come in larger letter-size or poster size.

The files can be emailed or uploaded as jpgs/tiffs/pdfs.

Do I need to request permission to use Adbusters' material in school projects? What about linking to

If you are planning to publish (e.g. a thesis) something containing an Adbusters article or image, then yes, please contact us for permission.

If you are interested in using parts of the magazine for school art projects (e.g. collage), reports or papers, then please go ahead. You don’t need to ask us (but thanks for the gesture!), just please cite the images.

If you feel aligned to us in some way and you would like to link to Adbusters to help spread our message, then we’re more than happy for the support. You do need to ask, however, to use Adbusters images from our website on your own website.

Where do I send my requests?

Email: [email protected]

If necessary, you can also call us (604.736.9401) and payment can be sent to us at:

Adbusters Media Foundation
1243 West 7th Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V6H 1B7 Canada