Get #MOONSTRUCK this Tuesday July 16!

Hey Jammer,

A satellite one-quarter the size of the Earth orbits our planet. It shines the night entire, sometimes as bright as day.

Nonetheless, this colossus of luminous marble can be a hard thing to spot. The difficulty comes not from its evasive placing among the stars. Nor do nighttime clouds always shield it from sight.

The chief hardship rests in our own hands.

Even the most brilliant object in the night sky risks drowning in the sterile glow of a cell-phone screen.

Jeannie Tyrrell
artwork by Jeannie Tyrrell

In a life spanning eighty years, a human being is afforded the chance to witness fewer than one thousand full moons.

Yet if a person spends only one hour on their phone for every day of their eighty years, they will have spent the equivalent of almost seven of them stooped over a pocket-size rectangle at the time of their death.

Which is the rarer opportunity? Which affirms and which negates the experience of living?

The crystal majesty of a night under the full moon is precious. It is a rarity that, like the height of the lunar tide, arrives but briefly before it drifts back into the routine shallows of daylight.

July 16th is this month's #Moonday. In light of its scarcity, let's take this chance to celebrate the full moon as an affirmation of beauty and the solace that it may offer us.

For the whole of the upcoming #Moonday, let's extinguish our screens. Let's break from our incessant consumption of digital information. Let's reclaim the rhythms of our thoughts as our own.

Let's let the moon take back our attentions.

Let's revel under its dimming light.

"Go out of the house to see the moon, and 'tis mere tinsel: it will not please as when its light shines upon your necessary journey." – Ralph Waldo Emerson

for the wild,

The Blackspot Collective

Come with us for a journey of a lifetime.