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Can a Good Gaian Eat Meat?

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TROUBLES – by L'arracheur

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Australia’s Abiding
Legacy of Intolerance

Dreams of a “White Australia” are not dead.

Despite the country’s rescinding of official policies under that name in 1973, refugee boats — chiefly from Asia — have been turned back in nearly every case, and asylum-seekers have been jailed in off-shore camps as decreed under current “mandatory immigration detention” laws. Inhumane conditions in migrant jails have led to endemic despair; in some cases, to self-harm and suicide. The United Nations has denounced Australia’s immigration policies, citing the injustice of a blind and mentally ill Tamil man’s incarceration for close to a decade after arriving ashore in 2010. Current Prime Minister Scott Morrison called for a hard-line stance on whom he termed “illegal maritime arrivals” during his stint as Minister for Immigration. In that post, he helped to legislate “Operation Sovereign Borders,” which espouses a “zero tolerance” approach to refugees arriving by sea and enforces mandatory detention. A paranoid fear of “invasion” from the Asian North lives on from the days before Australia’s federation. And right-wing politicians such as Morrison know how to stoke it.

— Trevor Clarke
From AB#145 - I Feel Nothing

New Aesthetic

Adbusters #146
Can Artists Save the World?

Adbusters #142 The Metameme Insurrection

"The car is on fire, and there's no driver at the wheel
And the sewers are all muddied with a thousand lonely suicides
And a dark wind blows"

We are now looking over the brink, and what lies beyond are not negligible, sentimental shallows. But we are stuck. What can bring us away from the ledge? What can shake us out of this state of stagnancy? And what can be done to remove the worst of the rot? Where can we find the true diagnosis of our disease?

We know ourselves by the mirror that we lay before us — the mirror of art and aesthetics. And in a world that is brutalized and on fire, artists may be our best hope to navigate our wayward ship...

... out of existential despair, out of the clamor. Out of hope, a brutalist new aesthetic is emerging.

In this issue of Adbusters, we boldly ask: Can artists save the world?

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