The Unholy Alliance

Fifty years of American diplomacy in the Middle East has achieved very little. In many ways it has been a deliberate sabotage of the Palestinian cause. Aided by a succession of cowardly presidents, systematically biased reporting out of New York and Washington, and the electoral clout of the evangelicals, America has played a two-faced game that has brought us to this: a semi-fascist government in Israel, led by a bunch of racist criminals determined to beat the Palestinians into submission by whatever means necessary.  

The time has come to end the madness. We cannot tolerate another pipsqueak like Blinken jetting off to Tel Aviv to bang on about a two-state solution that never materializes. Someone has to break the impasse. The Europeans can’t do it. The UK won’t do it. America will never do it. It’s up to us, the people of the world, to lead the charge. Just like it was up to us thirty years ago in apartheid South Africa. It takes a movement to turn things around. That’s why they call it revolution.


Fight for your freedom! Stand up to those sons of bitches. Do what the Algerian freedom fighters did to France, the South African freedom fighters did to apartheid and the Ukrainian freedom fighters are doing right now to Putin. And gain strength from knowing the bulk of the people of the world are behind you. Billions of us will fight alongside you with boycotts, donations, cash transfers and everything else we got.

Until the bullies stand down.

Come with us for a journey of a lifetime.