#ReOccupy idea jamming

This coming September 17th will mark the ninth anniversary of #OccupyWallStreet . . . the grassroots movement that caught the world's imagination, revitalized our politics and paved the way for today's progressive wave.

But despite the Occupy movement and the lively discourse it spawned, the problems that plagued nine years ago, still plague us today. Amid the coronavirus pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protests, the failures of our political, economic and social order have been laid bare like never before.

There's no going back. Sweeping systemic change must take place if we are to avoid further catastrophe. We are in an era of narrative collapse, and we can rewrite the story!

That's why come September we must . . . Refuse. Resist. Reboot. #ReOccupy.

Where should we #Occupy next? Let us know what you think . . . drop us a line below.

Let's share ideas and tactics . . . and propel the world in brave new directions.

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