Moonday Rebellion

Friends, comrades, fellow imperilled earth-dwellers,

We are facing the abyss — “an unprecedented global emergency,” according to Extinction Rebellion (XR): “Life on Earth is in crisis: scientists agree we have entered a period of abrupt climate breakdown, and we are in the midst of a mass extinction of our own making.”

The planet can suffer little more before our doom is ensured. Yet, like patients perilously choosing to ignore a terminal diagnosis, we go on as we always have: blithely deferring today’s problems till tomorrow, reassuring ourselves that we have done enough to sleep soundly through the night.

But “[t]he time for denial is over,” claim XR. “Conventional approaches of voting, lobbying, petitions and protest have failed because powerful political and economic interests prevent change.”

Plain protest has become ineffectual amid cynicism, fatalism, and the tendency of power to simply ignore what is demanded.

If our message is to break through, we must do more than protest in the old way. We will have to stir mayhem in the back streets. We will have to send a chill down the spine of an apathetic world leadership. We will have to create a feeling of impending revolution.

The time has come for us to exercise the only option left to us — rebellion.

Thus under the silver luster of the Full Corn Moon, the wolves will howl.

They will cry out in the illuminated night. They will cry till the break of day. They will cry for the coming of new light.

On September 13th, the wolves’ cries will incite the Full Moon Rebellion. It represents a radical new form of non-violent disobedience — protest, guerrilla style — modeled on the organization of wolves on the hunt: united by the pack, but discrete in their individual pursuit.

In a time of historic urgency, this new form of dissent may become a key tactic, and one complementary to other efforts, in the coming fight for the planet.

Armed with a new guerrilla sensibility, protest could be made vital again. It could be pivotal. It could be revolutionary.

On September 13th, in the dead of night, we wolves will unleash a billion acts of disobedience upon a warming, sleeping world. And when the sun rises, we all will wake to a future transformed by these nocturnal transgressions.

Suggested acts of rebellion include:

  • spreading the word — leave pamphlets about so the truth can proliferate
  • acts of revolutionary vandalism — make the mark of the Blackspot known in streets, buses, malls, offices, on ads, etc. worldwide
  • disabling gas-station pumps — cut out the dealer and the addict cannot (ab)use
  • decorating ATMs — draw attention to our unwillingness to compromise
  • smashing capitalism — leave a token of our anger on the windows of corporate criminals, the prime perpetrators of planetary decline.

With each act, let’s make the Blackspot known worldwide as the symbol of our refusal to succumb to global heat-death; the mark of the new world to come.

Be sure to stay safe and non-violent — we rebel at our own risk of arrest, reactionary violence, and suppression.

And after this prelude, we will prowl again in solidarity with the Global Climate Strike (September 20–27) and again with the Worldwide Rebellion (October 7–18), when XR groups across the world will rise up in the name of life on earth.

This is the nature of the Full Moon Rebellion. What can you do?

Join our wolf-pack, one billion strong.

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Come with us for a journey of a lifetime.

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