America's Trump,

Saudi Arabia's MBJ,

Brazil's Bolsonaro,

China's Xi,

Israel's Netanyahu,

Syria's Assad -

we cannot allow these monsters to keep on strutting their stuff on the face of this earth. If we're going to create any kind of a future, on this planet, we must begin to wipe their names out, one by one.

But what can we do?

We can denigrate them mercilessly ... refuse to accept them as the new normal ... vote them out of power, where possible ... hit the streets in protest against them ... and yet, none of these timeworn strategies seem to be working anymore.

Here's a strategy that may just break the deadlock. A few brave souls among us start pieing them, flossing them, tossing cups of coffee at them. Imagine Trump getting a pie in the face .. or a cream puff on his yellow mane ... imagine Chairman Xi getting stink-bombed ... imagine Bolsonaro enveloped in pixel dust next time he visits New York ... imagine this king of #FuckItAll pranksterism sweeping the globe ... all the tyrannical monsters among us constantly being pied, flossed, and made laughing stocks wherever they go. (Of course, you'd have to be crazy to go after MBJ, Modi, or - lord forbid - Xi.) But what the hell - we can get something like this going. We can spark a global wave of non-violent pranksterism and break the autocratic spell.