You are stuck.

Dear people of the Adbusters Media Foundation,

We are Afra van den Hoogen, Mila Vuckovic and Nick Verkroost; three first year students of the Audiovisual Media-studies at the University of the Arts in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Last semester we followed a subject about 'culture jamming', for which we created a poster about this subject.

Our professor, a big fan of your initiative, talked a lot about your foundation during the classes and told us our poster fits right in with your magazine.

That's why we decided to send you this e-mail; we hope you appreciate it as much as our professor does.

Kind regards,

Afra van den Hoogen, Mila Vuckovic and Nick Verkroost

"Every image, every advertisement imposes a consensus - that between all the individuals potentially called upon to decipher it, that is to say, called, by decoding the message, to subscribe automatically to the code in which it has been couched."

- Jean Baudrillar, "The Consumer Society" (1998)

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