To: Justin Trudeau

(caption: In Burnaby, British Columbia, protestors pull together to stop Kinder Morgan tearing into indigenous territory. Photo by Roger Pimenta)

To: Justin Trudeau

RE: Trans Mountain Pipeline


No, and again, no. A hundred billion times, no. Absolutely and unequivocally no. No under any circumstances, no with zero possibility for a later change of mind. 100% concentrated absolutely not no.

No because there’s no market for low quality fossil fuels, no because there’s no justification for investment in a dying industry that’s killing our planet. No because indigenous communities would never let you tear the core out of the sacred land we all share. No because we can’t afford, physically and financially and morally, to continue wrecking the weakened world our ancestors left us. No because climate change is real, no matter how much we hide from it, and no because its effects grow even more fast, fierce, and vicious than predicted every day. No on behalf of everyone who could ever hope to survive after us. No, not with my taxes.

Not with a single solitary cent of my money. No to letting greed burn up our world.

You can’t force us all to pay against our will for fossil fuels ruining our future. You can’t coerce us into valuing your precious Kinder Morgan shareholders over our own country.

The will of Canada is a rock upon which this nightmare assault on our collective future will break.

We will never consent to this, Justin Trudeau, and you can’t force us to.

No, even if it’s over our dead bodies.

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