The Surefire Solution to Our Climate Crisis.

Storms are building. Floods are surging. Wildfires are blazing. Heat and drought are desiccating the earth. People are suffering, their livelihoods combusting like so much dredged-up fossil matter.

And yet the best our politicians, pundits and CEOs can offer is the suicidal promise to keep beating the same business-as-usual drum that got us into this existential bind in the first place.

If we’re going to have any kind of future on this planet, we must go beyond reduced carbon footprints, net zero, renewables — all the wishful, technocratic thinking of our leaders — and start calling the shots from below.

Welcome to our surefire solution to the climate crisis.

(Excerpted in nine parts from Adbusters’ upcoming book, The Third Force: Field Guide to a New World Order.

True Cost Pt. 1

True Cost Pt. 2

True Cost Pt. 3

True Cost Pt. 4

True Cost Pt. 5

True Cost Pt. 6

True Cost Pt. 7

True Cost Pt. 8

True Cost Pt. 9

True Cost Pt. 10 final.

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