The Curse of the BlackSpot

Gen. Min Aung Hlaing of Myanmar. Belarus’s Lukashenko. Assad. Sisi. MBS.

These monsters lord it over millions of people, upholding their autocratic grip on power with tyranny and terror, torture and murder.

Their crime s are as heinous as they are flagrant. And yet there’s not a single world agency — not the UN Security Council, not the International Criminal Court, not the International Court of Justice, nor any one of the “peace-loving” members of the United Nations — that can curb their atrocities and bring them to justice.

The old guard , t he old system, is just not up to the task. And so this situation demands the birth of a new kind of resistance, a movement that operates completely outside of the current global power structure.

A Third Force.

It ’s time for the street to call the shots and let these scum know that the bells are tolling — for them.

It’s time to slip them the sign of their imminent doom:

The Blackspot is a symbol of rage — of hurt , of anger, of a thirst for justice. It’s a mark of Cain. A scourge. A judgement.

It says: We the People of the world are coming after you. And one way or another, we’re going to bring you down and dump you into the dustbin of history's murderous tyrants.

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