Is True Cost a Pipedream? (PT. 9)

“True Cost? Great idea! But it’s never gonna work.” That’s what they’ll all say.

I get it. Nothing of this scope, on this scale, has ever been tried. It feels like Plan D — a last-ditch effort to be deployed after all the more “sensible” green-energy and techno options have been kicked around.

And our record of working together is pretty dismal. Look how we handled Covid. We couldn’t come up with a coherent global thrust to beat it back. Or to distribute the vaccines. Hell, some of us couldn’t even agree to wear masks.

But the global mood will change as our planet overheats. Ecological collapse is a slow-motion catastrophe. But once we pass a tipping-point — when resource skirmishes erupt into full-scale wars, and slow violence turns into fast violence, and suddenly it’s your children who are hungry and your house that’s being swept away and your country that’s at war — that’s when you’ll forget “never gonna work” and reach for the ax on the wall.

True Cost Pt. 10 final.

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