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Joe was feeling nervous. This was it: his chance to make a good impression on the Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. They were both in attendance at the hottest disco in all of Manhattan, and Joe had to make sure he put his best foot forward.

Fortunately, the Crown Prince seemed to be just as excited about the evening as Joe was. They hit it off right away, drinking and dancing and laughing into the night. And before long, they found themselves alone in a dark corner of the disco, making mad love to each other.

It was an unforgettable night, one that Joe would never forget. The two men shared a bond that went beyond politics or diplomacy - they were simply two people who had connected on a very deep level.

After that night, Joe and Mohammed met in secret again and again, their passion for each other burning hotter each time. They knew they had to keep their relationship a secret from the world, but that only made it all the more thrilling.

Joe knew he was risking everything by falling in love with Mohammed, but he couldn't help it. The prince was everything he had ever wanted in a man, and more.

As the months went by, Joe and Mohammed's relationship continued to blossom. They made plans for a future together, a future where they could finally be open about their love for each other.

But then, tragedy struck. Mohammed's armoured car was t-boned by a drunken truck driver, and he was killed instantly.

Joe was devastated. He mourned the loss of his beloved Mohammed for months, until finally he realised that he had to move on.

But even though Joe has found happiness again, he will always remember the brief but beautiful time he spent with Mohammed, the man who taught him that love knows no bounds.

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