What's in a price?

Raw materials. Labor. Equipment upkeep. Rents and fees. Supply and demand. Taxes.

Those things influence how much you pay at the till. But what about the cost of the wrapper you throw away, toxic run-off leaking into lakes and streams, carbon released into the atmosphere — in short, all the noxious side-effects of using or producing everyday things in a capitalist world? Who pays for that?

The short answer: We all do.

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Where you Fit In

Over the last couple of generations, we in the so-called “developed” world have eased into a very cushy way of living. We love our dish washers, spin dryers and microwave ovens. We love our throw away diapers, pre-washed veggies and ready-to-eat dinners delivered right to our door. And we love cruising in our cars with our favorite music playing. The idea of living more austere lives is anathema. We’re hooked on all of this stuff now. Whatever it takes, we gotta have our Doritos.

That’s just the way it is.

Or is it?

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Social Media Is Silencing the Voices of Oppressed Palestinians

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are cracking down on voices decrying Israel's vicious oppression of Palestinians, shutting down accounts and silencing dissent.

What are you going to do about that?


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#WorldwideGeneralStrike TACTICAL BRIEFING No. 1

Alright you radicals, rebels and redeemers out there,

Once in every era, the call of history compels a small number of people — or even just one person — to steer the world in a fresh new direction.

This is that call.

The time has come to question everything.

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My Political Awakening

Kalle Lasn, Adbusters Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chiel

I have no memory of my birthplace of Tallinn, Estonia. I was two years old when the Red Army busted through the Leningrad Blockade and marched in.

The Russians were hardly liberators. They were almost worse than the Nazis. They’d culled the population of Estonia to a million people, and who knows what fate my family would have met had we not fled on one of the last boats out.

We ended up in a series of displaced-persons camps. Food was scarce. Some weekends we walked deep into the German countryside to barter with farmers. Once my mother exchanged her precious fur coat for a bag of eggs and vegetables.

I spent the next five years in and out of those refugee camps – till age seven. And then another five years in refugee camps in Australia.

I basically spent my entire childhood in a bubble.

We’d been kicked out of our own country by the Communists, leaving everything behind. So anything that smelled of collectivism was anathema to my father.

“Those commie bastards . . .” he would mutter.

I pretended to sleep but listened intently to the drunken late-night banter of Estonian expats . . . “I’d like to line those fucking commies up against a wall and mow them down one by one . . .”

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— Kalle Lasn (from our forthcoming book, The Third Force: Field Guide To a New World Order)








The Third Force

The hierarchical, top-down power structures that ruled the world for thousands of years are collapsing before our eyes. The street now has unprecedented sway.

Nous sommes sur le point de vous donner les codes.

Are you ready?

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The True Cost Party of America

OUR PLATFORM Immediate implementation of a 1% Robin Hood Tax on all stock-market transactions and currency trades Radical curbs on derivatives and credit default swaps
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Fake Planet

Adbusters #149 The Re-enchantment of the Political LeftGet this issue

On the back cover of the first issue of Adbusters, published back in 1989, was a stern-looking Planet Earth pointing an accusing finger: I WANT YOU TO CURB YOUR CONSUMPTION.

The world was in a phase change. The Berlin Wall was about to fall. Solidarity was in the air, and the environmental movement was driving it. We’d seen the whole Earth from space and by God it looked vulnerable, hanging out there in the darkness.

Environmentalism wasn’t some kind of consensus we all arrived at: it was an existential reaction that prompted a million gut-level responses.

But let’s face it: fifty years of environmental activism has added up to little more than a rounding error on the climate emergency.

Now we need to go deep-down, system-wide, third-order.

So, in this issue we sink our teeth into the problem of climate change and shake loose one mighty idea — the mother of all metamemes — that’ll show the world a way out of the existential fix we’re in.

Don’t believe us? Read on . . .

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