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The question is as blunt as the times are dire. Are we winning or losing the planetary endgame?

Summon all the wild spirit you can muster — The Year of the Rabbit, will be one hell of a ride.

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Buy Nothing Day was a worldwide blast of anti-consumerist fervor.

People across the planet rallied and sang and spread the word.

Now let’s take that spark of Buy Nothing and build it into a raging fire to win the planetary endgame this #BuyNothingXmas

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Existence is a free
gift from the sun
- Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen

Herman Daly, a towering figure who was shamefully suppressed by generations of mainstream economists, passed away on October 28, 2022.

Rest in Peace

Come the moment,
come the man

Is the world finally ready to listen to Herman Daly, father of ecological economics?

The first mind Herman Daly changed was his own.
When he started studying economics in the 1950s at Rice University, in his hometown of Houston, he was a“growther” — just like pretty much every other economist.
The rules were simple: You keep producing more things for people to use, and the market system fairly distributes these things; wealth trickles down and everyone’s life gradually gets better.


Three blind mice

This year’s Nobel Prize in Economics went to three economists who certainly made an impact, just not in the way we might hope. Each of them played a huge part in perpetrating multiple financial meltdowns, crippling the world’s economy and pushing humanity to the brink of collapse. They and their neoclassical colleagues are the architects and cheerleaders of our failing world system, and I’d be happy if angry Econ101 students who know full well they have no future started disrupting classes, throwing pies and nailing manifestos to their professors’ doors.


Stick this to your Professor's door.

Come with us for a journey of a lifetime.

Adbusters #164

The Big Ideas of 2023

The question’s as blunt as the times are dire. Are we winning or losing the planetary endgame?

In our year-end issue we argue both sides, with our most optimistic, bright-eyed inclinations colliding in the middle with our bleakest and grimmest intuitions.

It’s a stitching-together of two warring tendencies. Truth is, neither one is sufficient for our salvation: to win the endgame, we desperately need both.

To stave off extinction, we’re going to have to muster both the courage to face the harshest truths about our reality and the guts to imagine a radically different one — and then see it through.

So summon all the chutzpah you can muster. It’s going to be the match of the millennium.

Bye Bye Toxic Trump

Trump is finished.
Desantis is on the rise.
But now, hallelujah . . .
We have the perfect moment to launch a third party.

The wolf is a pack animal, but I am a lone wolf.

I dislike the crush of the protesting crowd. My hands don't grip placards. My voice rings false when raised to chant.

I prefer the solitary range. As I roam, in descending twilight, I mark territory. Sticking blackspots on ads I don't like. Laying notes on ATMs and posters in strategic locations. I forgo the tumult of demonstration for the prinprick of consciousness that will catch someone, somewhere, sometime, unawares.


Elon Musk finally wrestled away control over Twitter in a monstrous $44 billion dollar deal, mindboggling in scale. Like many of us, I have been keeping a half-eye on Musk, trying to understand what he is about and what motivates him — what his end game is. He seemed at one point a likable figure, but increasingly I find him murky, ambiguous and dark.

Unsurprisingly, like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, Musk’s projects are deeply meshed within the military industrial complex. Musk slants toward the libertarian Right, likes to slag Bernie Sanders while seeking reconciliation with Putin and his henchmen. My sense is that Musk aims at some version of a technocratic future, with the world under the control of a tiny elite.                                  

— Daniel Pinchbek

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Mr. Zuckerberg, 38, is trying to push his company away from its roots in social networking and center it on the immersive - and so far theoretical - world of the so-called metaverse. Across Silicon Valley, he and other executives who built what many refer to as Web 2.0 - a more social, app-focused version of the internet - are rethinking and upending their original vision after their platforms were plagued by privacy stumbles, toxic content and misinformation.

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Three Blind Mice

This year’s Nobel Prize in Economics went to three economists who certainly made an impact, just not in the way we might hope. Each of them played a huge part in perpetrating multiple...

Lone Wolf

Occasionally, when the moon and the mood are right, I’ll summon a like-minded friend. We’ll pay a stealth visit to the economics department of the local university, posting Kickitover manifestoes in corridors and on professors’ doors, prompting students to consider a paradigm shift in the dismal science. We are intrepid at the periphery.

AI Profiles Xi Jinping

I, Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China, have come to speak to you today about who controls the future. Our policies of censorship have created a...



To live without dead time means to embody a great refusal, to find pleasure in struggle, to transform every moment of existence into a repudiation of the consumerist nightmare and an affirmation of revolutionary possibility. A semester, a year, a decade without Big Macs, Frappucinos and Facebook but overflowing with midnight adventures of blackspotted billboards, guerrilla gardening and spectacular synchronized global memewar actions. Imagine if a huge number of us start living in this way, turning daily life itself into a form of resistance that re-enchants the city and reawakens the promise of a people’s insurrection. The way forward is through this kind of radical play.

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