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Birth of the Mental Liberation Front

Adbusters #142 The Metameme InsurrectionGet this issue

If you want to fix democracy, make secrecy taboo.

If you want to stop the media mindfuck, impose a psychic tax.

If you want to rein in the power of corporations, kill the corporate “I”.

If you want to fix the economy, pull off a paradigm shift in the science of economics.

If you want to halt global warming, make the price of products tell the ecological truth.

And if you want to stop our spiral into a long dark age, then admit that straight lines are godless and immoral.

There's only one way out of the existential fix we're in. In this issue, we unleash a force to crack the global mind.

Welcome to the Mental Liberation Front.

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The Meaning of Life

There is the dream of an alternate aesthetic, of a world in which aestheticized experience worked only on things that were ordinary, local, small, repetitive, and recalcitrant, on things that really did happen to most of us in the everyday. This would imply a challenge to drama as we know it.

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Flames of Renewal - Part 1

Nothing in history is so constant as violence. Peering into the past, we are sure to find a host of evils perpetrated by humanity against its own kind. We are reminded daily of its persistence in the news, where it inevitably features in so many headlines and hot takes; and in our entertainment, which excites our fascination with its similitudes of violence both realistic and fantastic.

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Violence and Activism:
Five Variations

Does violence have a place in art? Whether it does, it has featured to a growing extent in the “actions,” or protest-performances, of Petr Pavlensky. The Russian-born provocateur first made a sensation of himself when, in 2012, he sewed his lips shut and stood in public protest of the jailing of members of Pussy Riot. (They were convicted of hooliganism for their punk demonstration, within the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow, against the Russian Orthodox Church’s support of then-candidate Vladimir Putin.)

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The Metamemetic Insurrection