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Welcome to the psycho front, Player 1.

Now go to the mirror.

Take off your clothes.

Stare at yourself for five minutes — yes five minutes!

OK, now play on.

You’re walking down the street. A bus-stop ad is coming into view. You avert your gaze. You stride past the ad without even glancing at it. From now on, you do that to all the ads coming at you.

You develop a refreshing new habit — reflexively ignoring the ads that the trillion-dollar advertising industry throws at you. You leave every Madison Avenue high five hanging. Not a single marketing message worms its way into your psyche.

You break free from advertising mindfuck forever.

Now you’re ready for the next phase of your mental liberation.

You give up multitasking.

No more running with a podcast on. No more doing homework with thirty tabs open. No more phone chats with your hand on the mouse. No more dishwashing with a techno backbeat. From now on you focus on one activity at a time.

In a way it’s just a trivial little alteration of the way you live. But it can also be victory in the grand existential struggle to live a grounded life.

From now on, you give everything you’ve got to the one thing right in front of you.

OK . . . now you’re ready to plunge one step deeper.

You begin playing little tricks with your smart phone.

You leave it carelessly in random places. Or you treat it like a hot coal — never keeping it in your hand or your pants or — god forbid — on the nightstand while you sleep. (It’ll burn the place down.)

Every Friday you hit the streets without your phone to see what holy mischief you can get into.

On full-moon days, you forget about all devices and wander off into the mystical night.

Your mental liberation is coming along nicely . . . you're a mental gymnast now . . . feeling nimble and free . . . you’ve learned how to nip anxieties in the bud . . . modulate mood swings . . . shift the vibes, ambiences, tones and funks that are always swirling around you.

When you sense dark clouds gathering on the horizon, you take action before they engulf you. You outrun them. And you now know how to be fearless at just the right moment.


You’ve broken free of Big Tech’s algorithmic clutches — no longer a dupe of surveillance capitalism.

Welcome to the Mental Liberation Front (MLF).

Now you’re ready to play KILLCAP.

Play on.

Coming soon on the Mental Liberation Front:

The Final Battle for Control of the Global Mind.

How a band of hackers, mindfuckers and metameme warriors overthrew the mindlords and created a FREENET.