A Geopolitical Powershift

The hierarchical power structures that have ruled the world for thousands of years are crumbling.

The real power is gathering down here — in the engine room, in the heat and steam, where people who’ve been abused and dismissed and exploited for far too long are now melting together.

It all begins with the assembling of the Third Force. If you haven’t already, join our collective now!

With a galvanized power-base, we’ll push for a new era of radical transparency, making secrecy taboo in all but the most sensitive areas of national security. We’ll clamp-down on the arms trade. In nation after nation, we’ll propose constitutional amendments requiring referendums with a two-thirds majority before any war can begin.

The streets have awoken. The masses are mobilizing. Join us — and together let’s fuck up every system that keeps us from living our dreams!

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Join us.