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World War 3 will be nothing like WW1 or WW2,

no longstanding empires looking for the big win, no hours and minutes-to-midnight clocks ticking, no appeasement delegations, no civilizational narratives that anyone believes in anymore . . . No . . . World War 3 will be disintegrated, invisible, everywhere, permanent. It will start — some say it has already started — with skirmishes breaking out in impoverished parts of the world like Nigeria, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Myanmar. Then, as temperatures rise and ecosystems collapse, water shortages and food riots will break out. Failed states will jump from the current 20, to 30, then 40, then 50.

Futures will be engulfed, suffocated and swarmed with barbarian nightmares. No peace, no sleep. No dream beyond a wretched present. No horizon beyond permanent war. Gangs on every block . . . Refugees by the millions will first beg and then fight their way into every corner of the rich world, demanding asylum in exchange for centuries of plunder. The post World War 2 global order will become a distant memory. An apparition. A long forgotten myth, like Camelot.

And then a moment of truth: a nuclear exchange between Pakistan and India over water rights to the river Ganges . . . or Iran will preemptively strike Israel . . . or China or Russia will clash with Japan or America or some new alliance in the South China Sea. Then the descent truly begins. Anger reaches a new cult status even in the most tranquil minds. All hell breaks loose.

The world as we know it is obliterated. The psychic collapse turns the guts of the West inside out — a pandemic of soul shock from which no one recovers. You won’t be able to charge your iPhone anymore, or sip Ethiopian lattes in the morning, or stop marauding gangs from stealing your carrots . . . your bicycle, your car, everything becomes a negotiation. Even your life is up for a debate. Kindness for others is a luxury. There is nowhere to hide. Not in your room. Not in your church. Not in your mind. The mall is closed. The sky has a sinister glare.

Resources are sold by the microgram. Water is the new gold. New myths flourish. Prophets emerge. They speak of a place untouched. Hundreds of millions perish in a global die-off and those who remain slip into a long dark age . . .

. . . We saw all this coming, but no one did a goddamn thing to stop it.

— Kalle Lasn