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Money Will Have To Be Our Weapon
The People will not win by protesting in the streets. We are ridiculed, ignored, beaten, pepper-sprayed, jailed, and seldom joined in sufficient numbers to compel the machine to adjust to our advantage.
The People will not win at the ballot box.  The system will assure this by one means or another. It always has.
The People will not win with arms.  We are out gunned by the state and they will crush us. They always do.
What power, then, do people have left to wield?
In our corpo-capitalist system money reigns, and money is the only language the system speaks.
Money will have to be our weapon. Grasp this weapon and use it.
We the people can send an unequivocal message to those in power over the next few weeks, by boycotting corporate America. Don’t holiday shop at corporations. If you decide to buy presents, get them from local producers. Get creative, make gifts.  Do things with friends and family rather than buying things for them. Let them know well ahead of the holiday that this is what you are doing and challenge them to join you. 
Whatever you do, don’t feed the beast. 
— Pennelloppe Allee

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