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They Live

A classic anti-consumerist, super cheesy sci-fi vid from 1988. Shepard Fairey used it as inspiration for his "Obey" poster work. This was a serious banger for skate-punks back in the early 90s. It's very dated now but still worth a look. If anything, the manipulation of our desires has only gotten worse. Takes about a minute and a half to get going, so stay with it.

Shopping kills

A Wal-Mart employee is trampled to death by insane shoppers on Buy Nothing Day.

Life at the End of Empire

East and West

Life at the End of Empire

Peak oil, mass extinction, catastrophic climate change. With every passing day, the signs are becoming more and more difficult to deny. But we deny them anyway. We swear we’ll curb emissions. We pledge to actively pursue an alternative energy policy. We don’t believe we have a problem. We can stop anytime we want. Just not today.