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Hey Wild Ones,

Part One of the Manifesto for World Revolution is hitting newsstands worldwide this week! A Field Guide to Virtual Warfare will serve as your tactical manual for breaking free from the clutches of a capitalist algorithm that threatens the future of our human existence.

This 160 page heavy-hitter explores our possible futures in a world where technology has invaded every aspect of our mental and physical environments.

  • Douglas Haddow walks us through the landscape of virtual warfare.
  • Kester Brewin delves into the history of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Author and essayist Morris Berman examines social capital in American society.
  • Rob Plastow questions anthropocentrism.
  • Keith Harrington takes on the the American Economic Association.

This issue is the first chapter in the Manifesto for World Revolution series. Over the next year, we’ll guide you from analysis to action, building up towards a global moment of pure revolutionary fervor. This is our final ultimatum to the leaders of the world:

Get your shit together and deliver a climate accord with real teeth in Paris this December. Or else, in the weeks and months that follow, we will unleash a campaign of occupying, hacking, jamming, rabble-rousing and all-out meme warfare the likes of which the world has never seen.

Pick up a copy online or call 1.800.663.1243. Subscribe to ensure you receive the full Manifesto series.

Now is the time for action, fellow revolutionaries. We hope to see you in Paris.

Be honest. Be brave. Change the World.