A Shift in Consciousness

It's not that hard.

The status quo has us at each other’s throats. Mainstream economics sees this as the social ideal. More for you is less for me. Antagonism keeps the cash flowing. Maximize each moment lest someone else gain the market advantage on you. This sounds miserable, and it is, and yet it remains the system that most of us live every day. It’s time for a new model. Occupy economics reaches to a much more historical and spiritual precept. An idea rooted in the concept of love and cooperation: that more for you is more for me. Author of Sacred Economics, Charles Eisenstein, explains Occupy’s new logic of the heart.

Stream Sacred Economics short film in its entirety on March 1.

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The radical élite thinks that they can have a revolution of the few and, as long as they claim to represent the 99%, no one will notice that they practice the politics of exclusion while preaching the politics of inclusion. The reality is that their pathetic little tent parks are a cloistered world of pompous self-deluded fools too lazy to come to terms with the real world they have retreated from.


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