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Dear Mr. Unabomber

It's been over ten years since you've touched a bomb. I plan on contacting your warden. I'd like to get you a weekend furlough. My mom wants to trim your beard. I need help with my math homework. There's an extra mattress in the basement. Just two house rules: 1) You can't go anywhere near the mailbox; 2) You have to wear a straitjacket.

Black Rats

When I read about so many of our politicians who are so filthy with corruption and greed, it hits me that there is a giant black rat filling up our pleasant democracy and stinking up the place, and that rat is corruption. And I'm sick of it.

The Quick & Dirty

Nothing To Do But Shop

Whether at home or abroad, shopping seems to have become the national pastime in regions around the world. Shopping for pleasure is not a new phenomenon: the trouble with it today is that our generation cannot afford the financial and environmental costs that come with it.

Maxim's Sex War

With photos of women in black bikinis striking provocative poses, Maxim magazine devoted five full pages in their July 2007 issue to answer the single most pressing question in the Middle East: "Are the women in the Israeli Defense Forces the world's sexiest soldiers?"

Elliott Abrams, Dual Loyalist and Neocon Extraordinaire

Elliott Abrams, an influential neocon and pro-Israel lobbyist par excellence, has been the principal Middle East adviser on the National Security Council staff throughout most of the Bush administration - all without most Washington observers even noticing.

They Shoot Media Moguls, Don't They?

He stalks, he pounces, he defies all the howls of anguish and protest and drags his prey down. Rupert Murdoch's hostile takeover of The Wall Street Journal dominated the business news for most of this year. And yet despite all that coverage, the real story never came out.

Displaying 577 - 584 of 608

Page 73 of 76