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An American psychosis.

Rin Zebramädchen

Imagine that a virus suddenly appears in our society that makes people sleep 12–14 hours a day. Those infected with it move about somewhat slowly and seem emotionally disengaged.

Many gain huge amounts of weight – 20, 40, 60, and even 100 pounds. Often their blood sugar levels soar, and so do their cholesterol levels. A number of those struck by the mysterious illness – including young children and teenagers – become diabetic in very short order. Reports of patients occasionally dying from pancreatitis appear in the medical literature. Newspapers and magazines fill their pages with accounts of this new scourge, which is dubbed metabolic dysfunction illness, and parents are in a panic over the thought that their children might contract this horrible disease. The federal government gives hundreds of millions of dollars to scientists at the best universities to decipher the inner workings of this virus, and they report that the reason it causes such global dysfunction is that it blocks a multitude of neurotransmitter receptors in the brain – dopaminergic, serotoninergic, muscarinic, adrenergic, and histaminergic. All of those neuronal pathways in the brain are compromised. Meanwhile, MRI studies find that over a period of several years the virus shrinks the cerebral cortex, and this shrinkage is tied to cognitive decline. A terrified public clamors for a cure. Now, such an illness has in fact hit millions of American children and adults. We have just described the effects of Eli Lilly’s best-selling antipsychotic, Zyprexa.

Robert Whitaker in Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs, and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America..

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No Alternative

Whitiker is a stalking horse for scientology. It is really unfortunate there is a portion of the left that wants to give credibility to people who bully the mentally ill out of taking meds. All meds have side effects for some people.


And you, by making this ridiculous remark, must be a stalking horse for Eli Lilly. What a completely fatuous remark. Ooh, I'm scared!


and you want credibility to bully the mentally ill into taking medications. Science of evidence should be used and that is what Robert Whitaker is trying to tell of.


While this guy may just be another Scientology mouthpiece I will say that there IS a lot of evidence that 'atypical'/new antipsychotics, which were created because 'typical'/older antipsychotics were known to cause many severe side effects that could persist for life, have been found to cause almost the exact same problems. The most common side effect is that people get diabetes; however, my side effects (from Risperdol) that persisted seem to be a severely altered menstrual cycle, irregular heartbeat, and chest pains; I last took the medication over 2 years ago.

Yes, other psych meds do have side effects, but the atypicals, which doctors thought would be the Second Coming, have ended up just trading one problem...for the same problem. : /
From the National Institute for Health's web site. Yes, Scientologists have infiltrated the government, but I'd think that Big Pharma gives them much more money and 'support,' so the government is more likely to be pro-meds.

Also, I remain on several other meds that I know I would be much worse off with; however, the atypicals (of which Zyprexa is one) are a whole other vile ball of wax.

No Alternative

Here is a good critique of Whitiker where it talks about his liberal quotations from scientology sources.


Here is a link to Whitakers response to critics.

Dr. Andrew Nierenberg

Dr. Daniel Carlat

Dr. Glazer


I am a "paranoid schizophrenic" who does not take any medication.

The reason why schizophrenics go nuts off their medications is because of withdrawal from the medications. Like nicotine withdrawal in Tobacco addiction.

After physical withdrawal ( if it is possible), no one gives the mentally ill the skills to think logically, people had expected a magical pill to make them think rationally.


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