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Advertisers Lose Ground in 2011

Cleaning the toxic areas of our mental environment.
Advertisers Lose Ground in 2011

Modified D+G advertisement from Vanity Fair, Oct. 2010

After years of concentrated activism, lawmakers worldwide are finally waking up to the impact ads have luring individuals, especially the young, into unhealthy and damaging lifestyles. Alcohol, tobacco, cosmetics and junk food memes are being roasted by governments far and wide. This global awakening is only the first phase of a much more grand action to see ads not as messengers but as the messages themselves – the cause of worldwide mental dysfunction. In phase two, the barriers between physiological and psychological health will wither away and the mental environment will be an equal to the biological one.

Facebook and Twitter’s free advertising ride on French television is over. Broadcast regulators have issued a stern warning that name-dropping the two social media giants and encouraging viewers to “check us out on ––– and –––” is to stop unless the companies pay for the promotion.

Cosmetic titan L’Oreal is forced to remove two print ads by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority. The ads in question, featuring Hollywood actress Julia Roberts and supermodel Christy Turlington, featured airbrushed images of the 40-plus duo so distorted they could have been mistaken as teenagers.

China has been aggressively targeting the tobacco industry, banning smoking advertising on TV, radio and newsprint. The ban is part of China’s strategy to halt its smoking epidemic (an estimated 350 million addicted), the highest addiction rate in the world.

McDonald’s Happy Meal toys are outlawed in San Francisco, killing the top-selling Happy Meal promotion in the city. City Council ruled the toys unfairly manipulate children into purchasing unhealthy and obesity-causing foods.

Fast food chains and junk food makers in the USA are given until 2013 to voluntarily stop advertising to preteens or face government regulation. Michelle Obama’s Task Force on Childhood Obesity said the current advertising self-regulatory body, the Children’s’ Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative (whose members included McDonald’s, KFC, Mars, and so on … ) is completely ineffective.

Lawmakers in Canada’s French-speaking province, Québec, continue to defend their 1989 law banning all commercial advertising directed at children 13 and under, the only such law in North America.

SpongeBob SquarePants is proven to make your child dumb and agitated. An American study shows that “children who watched nine minutes of the show scored significantly worse on assessments designed to measure memory and self control than children who watched a slower paced cartoon or kids who spent nine minutes drawing.” The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood has launched a campaign to stop Nickelodeon marketing the cartoon to children under six.

The American ad industry admits it is bleeding new recruits. In 2011, 81 percent of managers in the nations’ top firms said the industry faced a talent crisis with fewer young professionals choosing advertising as a career.

Advertisers eager to get a share of Egypt’s post revolution deregulation have been warned by national marketing companies to “be mindful of the revolution” or else risk inciting brand hatred. “You have to respect the maturity young people demonstrated in their role in the revolution,” observers warn.

Alcohol companies in Australia have been given notice that athletic sponsorship contracts in the sport-obsessed nation could soon be going the way of tobacco and the dodo. The Canberra government announced a pilot $25 million sponsorship pool for events seeking alternative funding.

Ads targeting kids to consume obesity-causing foods may soon be outlawed in children’s programming in Estonia. The debate comes after a recent WHO report revealed a strong link between childhood obesity and advertising to kids.

Alcohol advertisers have been targeted in the campaign to combat fetal alcohol spectrum disorders in South Africa. SA is proposing a total ban on liquor advertising across the country as five percent of the school-age population is now listed as having alcohol-induced birth disorders.

Online advertisers may soon face strict new privacy regulations and revenue crunches in Spain and Italy. Lawmakers in those countries are discussing whether or not to categorize the information advertisers collect in web browser cookies as private and therefore not collectable by third parties.

Taiwan’s kid advertisers feel the pressure as the government launches a series of sweeping new regulations outlawing junk food ads directed at children. Lawmakers are also debating a broad junk food tax similar to those already in place on tobacco and alcohol.

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Why are we presuming that the corporate interests that control social media don't also have a stake in the traditional media? Surely the cross-promotion then only increases their bottom line?


At the end of slavery and the dawn of civil rights Nixon says: "the blacks are the problem," and so begins the war on blacks and on civil rights with the introduction of drugs into the inner cities and the pushing of for-profit prisons and the assassination of a couple dozen civil rights and labor leaders.

1976: "Firms exist to maximize shareholder value."

1980 Regan's overt war on labor and the unleashing of credit card slavery.

1991: War on blacks results in LA riots.

2001: Response to LA Riots is Patriot Act delivered through the vehicle of 911.

2009: Obama is elected and Nixon's party is down for the count but up but gets lucky with Beer Gate and a personal civil rights assault on Obama himself, and with a second wind the right erects the fake tea party and Citizens v. United.

2010: Wisconsin happens as a further retrench and vote fraud is practiced repeatedly to hold the line on the slipping right.

2011: a decade after 911, which was a response to the LA riots, Occupy Wall Street begins to strike at the sponsored heart of the problem.

On the eve of 2012 the NDAA riders are a response to Occupy Wall Street as is SOPA and other attempts to preserve the drowning out mechanism.

The right to break in at mid night.

The right to gag.

The right to torture.

The right to disappear.

The right to kill.

The right to avoid the courts and due process.

The right to spy on people.

The right to deny rights.

The granting of all this power to the military in what amounts to a military coup.

...making it a crime to disclose the amounts of campaign contributions that defense contractors get to buy politicians so that with successive budgets virtually unlimited amounts of the voters money will be spent through taxes to censor their votes.

...making it so only corporations can get information on state activity (FOIA-) where no corporate media citizen will offend its sponsors.


All's not lost. It's good to hear voices of reason against the cacophony of branding and big business. Psychology based advertizing is selling to the primeval human animal in us and addicting everyone, especially when used against children. Policy and public initiative are what keep them from eating us alive.


Not that I want it to rain on this paradebut the reality is less upbeat and more "grey". Advertisement is not going away any time soon, not is it going to change. All the regulation only means they will get more creative exploiting loopholes in the legislation. What *is* good: it raises awareness in people. Our family is not succeptible to the advertisement gimmicks because we chose not to watch TV several years ago. Like other article mentioned: political change follows social change. If we change our livestyles and educate people around us change will be inevitable. If majority stops watching tv and uses ad blockers in browsers etc. how much space will be left for marketing? Actually, quite a lot ax it wil get embedded in movies, songs, shows etc. But ifwhat will change is our attitude towards it and our sensitivity to it. It's a no-win war for us but if we chose to either invert it or sidestep it we won't have to win - ig won't matter to us. It's like OpenSource vs proprietary: if you play by the rules of Microsoft and create a company trying to compete with Microsoft - you will lose, if however you refuse to play by the same rules and open up an OpenSource project you'vd got a chance. Linux now rjns on more devices than Microsoft could ever hope for. Why? Because it sidestepped desktop monopoly and jumped at mobile devices and embeded uses. Kindle, android, linksys, Network attached storage. Point is: marketing and advertisement will die when we decide and let them do so by ignoring their existence, by making our choices based on criteria other than hype and ad quality.


how about as a people on this planet ... we in north america should really pay attention to what RON PAUL has to say!!
if no one has noticed it has been the same group of people in power behind the scenes since kennedy was murdered by his own collective!! and a long long time before!!
and all these eugenicists have one focus the general collapse of humanity .
from the ndaa act allowing indefinite detention of us citizens, sopa, pipa which allows big corporations to shut down anything on the internet they want to, vaccines like flu guard , guardasil, and other disgusting useless concoctions (that are killing people all over the world) including being tainted with toxic chemicals to cause infertility death and cancers, the fukushima disaster which no one has been honest about since it started (american and canadian governments, tepco and japanese governments yet this is an issue that will drastically affect all life on this earth in the years to come , fluoride in public water supplies which is linked to infertility, cancers, and tooth destruction and also affects your brain to make you slow and easily manipulated , bpa in our plastics which is a horrendous toxin, yet lobbyists around the globe have pushed it on people and mostly on our childrens toys !!!, the constant smear campaigns against people who are standing up for injustice and corruption around the world,(jessie ventura, ron and rand paul, alex jones occupy movements around the globe ect), the deliberate dismantling of the north american manufacturing sector to eliminate jobs and create a divide in the control of money on this and other continents, the fast and furious scandal in which most of the sitting government officials within the last 2 administrations have been linked to shipping guns and drugs to and from Mexico, the use of depleted uranium by soldiers around the world which causes lung cancers birth defects and death among the very group of brave soldiers that are being used by these men in power to enforce there disgusting violations of humanity and sovereignty around the world , the soldiers in Afghanistan and the government telling people openly they are growing and shipping opium in record amounts even though before our invasion the taliban had banned growing poppies, the big medical conglomerates like roccafellar and others that support eugenics programs and systematic murder of humans thru profiting from the prolonging of diseases instead of curing the issues (hundreds of billions in prescriptions which do not affect change they only treat symptoms, the take over of media outlets which are in general owned by 2 people and the suppression of independent media sources from exposing real truths ( one small example wikileaks) ,big bankers and their continual exemption from prosecution for stealing, fraud and failure to follow the laws of our countries ,the un being caught around the world and linked to murder rape theft slave and kidnapping rings and torture in the name of a new world order, these things and issues i could go on and on about forever because there are so many of them but dont take my word for it as i didnt believe any of it either until i began to research and apply critical thinking to issues instead of a status quo approach we all as a humanity need to awaken!! .
also this support of flip floppers like gingrich and romey is disgusting these are men with very little research can be linked to a number of atrocious issues which would drastically end support for their extension of a tyrannical agenda if people would wake up and read between the lines , why is fox so forcibly excluding ron paul from polls debates and appearances.... much like the current man in power who has affected no change except indefinite detention of his countrys own citizens instead of supporting the constitution and other things in which he swore an oath to defend and the extension of abusing his military for corporate and special interest groups financial gains and destruction of cival free speech and exchange of information on our planet
people need to wake up and realize what is going on !! we need to wake up and take back our government and our education systems, we need to take back our financial and medical systems from the plain tyranny and corrupt takeover by these evil entities we need to stop watching reality (staged ) tv , wee all as a humanity and planet need to wake up and realize we are being treated like animals while the few at the top reap all the rewards ...this is a global problem and until we effect a awakening of our brainwashed dumbed down nation !! we will slowly slip continuously into oppression and darkness, the like of which have not been seen since hitler and his rise to power using many of the exact same measures and things i've mentioned here we all need to read study lean lessons and build our inner power or we just may be caught up in a world of darkness and oppression that will take generations to remove or recover from !!
peace to the world and down with the nwo the time of oppression needs to end we all need to stand together or hang separate !!

end of slavery anonymous post below !! right on the money!! so many things we as a society refuse to accept were being hurded as cattle and trained like animals we all need to awaken!!


By the way, if anyone here is in advertising or marketing, kill yourself. Thank you, thank you. Just a little thought. I'm just trying to plant seeds. Maybe one day they'll take root. I don't know. You try. You do what you can. Kill yourselves. Seriously though, if you are, do. No really, there's no rationalisation for what you do, and you are Satan's little helpers, OK? Kill yourselves, seriously. You're the ruiner of all things good. Seriously, no, this is not a joke. "There's gonna be a joke coming..." There's no fucking joke coming, you are Satan's spawn, filling the world with bile and garbage, you are fucked and you are fucking us, kill yourselves, it's the only way to save your fucking soul. Kill yourself, kill yourself, kill yourself now. Now, back to the show.

-Bill Hicks

Jack's Lack Of ...

I second Bill's motion and can we get this written into law with a stipulation that the same hold true for anyone majoring in Business, Economics or Finance?


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