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Living Resistance

The battle has just begun.
Living Resistance: The battle has just begun


The rat-bastard Capitalist scum who are telling you to “reach out and touch someone” with a telephone or “be there!” (where? Alone in front of a goddam television??) — these lovecrafty suckers are trying to turn you into a scrunched-up blood-drained pathetic crippled little cog in the death-machine of the human soul (and lets not have any theological quibbles about what we mean by “soul”!).

Fight them by meeting with friends, not to consume or produce, but to enjoy friendship and you will have triumphed (at least for a moment) over the most pernicious conspiracy in EuroAmerican society today — the conspiracy to turn you into a living corpse galvanized by prosthesis and the terror of scarcity …

… to turn you into a spook haunting your own brain.

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Want us


They WANT us to ignore them and act like they don't exist!

They WANT to be the invisible hand that guides everything towards their pockets, with no evidence of hand nor jar.

They WANT us to self-automate our "moments" of diagnoses and recovery.

They WANT to be the ever-present stage on which we act out our
meetings with friends, not to consume or produce, but to enjoy friendship.

Why do you think they hide behind platitudes and soothing analogies?


And who are "They"?
They are the moneylenders. They are sucking our blood. Most of our hard earned income now goes to them.


Actually your money goes to money lenders when you borrow money from them. If you don't want to pay back the "blood suckers" as you refer to them then don't borrow their money. Its common sense, if you can't afford it you don't do it.


The system is so complex and clever that we go into debt and have to pay to the moneylender even when do not borrow any money. The Moneylenders' charges are included in everything we need even before we go and buy anything.
The only way to stop these bloodsuckers is by outlawing usury.

#Ochi Member

Ugh. This is standard Ad Hominem attack on our dignity. This short little blurb advocates "burying your head in the sand" and avoiding any opportunity to educate one self. This blip is laced with anger and sadness and frustration that can only be healed through love and dignity.

Remain Vigilant. Remain educated. The system is flawed. Whether you like it or not, an election WILL happen this year. Whether you like him or not, The media, especially Adbusters, is censoring Ron Paul.

Whether you like it or not, you, and your friends, can make a difference. Get involved. Read. Talk to other occupy members. Talk to your Priests and Teachers. Ask questions. Do not be satisfied by snarky retorts laced with ad hominem.

Do not be intimidated by a mere magazine. #Occupy is bigger than Adbusters. Research 16 Beaver Street. Research Bloombergville. BOTH of which are the real roots of our PEACEFUL REVOLUTION.

#OccupyChicago = #Ochi = Solidarity with #Occupy.

Our Peaceful Revolution is happening right now and are achieving progress in Fiscal Dignity, The Protection of Civil Liberties, and Environmental Responsibility.

Vigilance , Love , Dignity , & Light

Jack's Username

I fell for the Ron Paul platform a while ago, and to a certain degree still agree with a handful of his principles, but can no longer support him. Reason being is that all the individual liberties he might be able to grant as President would be overshadowed by the same liberties granted to corporate America through massive deregulation.
History has shown that big business has no interest in self regulation, going so far as to break environmental regulations and laws repeatedly (Massy Energy comes to mind) with no regard to the liberties of the individuals their respective industry may impact. Freedom for some, doesn't mean freedom for all.

And that's not including the absurd argument that corporations are individuals and thus are entitled to the same liberties. Yeah, corporations are made up of people, but televisions are made by and watched by people and shoes are worn by people so do they deserve the right to engage in politics? No. But I digress and have gotten off topic.

The idea that anyone is censoring Ron Paul seems a strange thing to say as his politics would in turn have the effect of censoring the average American as corporations would be allowed to do as they please in a so called 'free market'-free from the EPA and free from any other measure put in place to protect those who still do not have a voice.



Ron Paul is the only candidate with a theory of government we have not tried. It’s called following the constitution and the principles it lays down for the role of government. Ron Paul would not give carte blanche to any corporation other than follow the law of the land.

In his district Lake Jackson, Texas he voted no on a huge commerce canal to be built from the Gulf of Mexico to Victoria, Texas. The canal would be for commerce and the area. The corporations and venture capitalists wanted the tax payers of the area to build the canal with The Corps of Engineers.

The reason Ron Paul voted no was a simple thing. If these huge corporations were going to see this huge benefit and profit to the area, let them pony up the resources, build it and then profit or fail on their own. The reason venture capitalist and corporations don’t want to pay for the canal is also transparently simple. They want their money and profit first and off the table first. Let the taxpayers float the note and the expenses. “it is good for the area and the minions will get jobs, the ungrateful whiners”. Oldest game in the book.

So they bad mouthed Ron Paul as not getting the job done and brought in the bulldogs, Kay Baily Hutchinson and Tom Delay to bring home the bacon and save the area. Both Republicans and Democrats use the taxpayer for money making purposes regularly.

Ron Paul was a supporter and proponent of the canal, He just does not believe in the tax payer building things corporations will profit from. He would probably vote the same with a Pro Football Team wanting the area Tax Payers to pay for building them a stadium.

Part of the problem with The Keystone Pipeline Project is the same. When you look in to the deal you find Local, State and Federal Government funding sources to build a pipeline for a Canadian Company and American Companies. That same Canadian Company is starting to use eminent domain to move Tax Payers off of the property they need to build the pipeline. These are American Tax Payers getting dime on the dollar values to be thrown off their land for a Canadian Company.

Ron Paul is the only person both RNC and DNC fear. He is not an isolationist. He just believes in paying your way instead of snaking people.

Any other vote than Ron Paul is a vote for the same old good ol boy system of Players who play tax money. The only difference between the Reps and Dems is who the money goes to once they fleece you.


If AdBusters wasn't part of the corporate machine they would produce a digital version of their magazine. Shall we start lisiting the massive corporate entities that AdBusters supports getting printed copy to magazine stands?


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