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Living Resistance

The battle has just begun.
Living Resistance: The battle has just begun


The rat-bastard Capitalist scum who are telling you to “reach out and touch someone” with a telephone or “be there!” (where? Alone in front of a goddam television??) — these lovecrafty suckers are trying to turn you into a scrunched-up blood-drained pathetic crippled little cog in the death-machine of the human soul (and lets not have any theological quibbles about what we mean by “soul”!).

Fight them by meeting with friends, not to consume or produce, but to enjoy friendship and you will have triumphed (at least for a moment) over the most pernicious conspiracy in EuroAmerican society today — the conspiracy to turn you into a living corpse galvanized by prosthesis and the terror of scarcity …

… to turn you into a spook haunting your own brain.

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It could be anywhere on Earth.
This is the normal and universal behaviour of United States of Israel.
Because all our media are controlled by these criminals we do not get to see the reality on mass media.


the term anti-semtic is so annoying. Just because someone thinks our relationship with Israel is bogus doesn't mean they hate jews.

and look up the meaning of the Mossads slogan... war by deception... thats pretty cool eh. scums.


This cry of Anti-Smite is disgusting.
It used to be that you were an Anti-Semite if you hated Jews, then it changed, you were an Anti-Semite if the Jews hated you, and now you are an Anti-Semite if you do not allow a Jew to have his way with you.


i'm from chile, and we don't see this stuff in our mainstream media. also de photographer (carlos vera) is pretty much famous here for working with police... so his work is not even in grassroots or alternative media.


The shot is from student protests in Chile:


"Meet with friends"?

Only problem is my friends are jerks.

And If I tell them not to be Jerks, they become more Jerky.


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