Apocalyptic Boredom

Jan. 5, 2013

A post-crash greetings from Adbusters.

Kalle Lasn, Jan. 5, 2013

Futility by Wes Magyar

Jan. 5, 2013

Dear readers,

How are you?

We’ve spent the last month, like everyone, wondering what the hell happened after that terrible week when everything collapsed. But we regrouped, and now we’re back ... and forging ahead as best we can.

Most of us are still in shock, trying our best to move from anger/depression toward some kind of acceptance. But what does it mean to be an adbuster in a world without ads; a culture jammer when there’s no consumer culture left to jam? Well, we put out the word that we were working on a post crash issue, and the word spread. And the letters started flooding in, from all over the world. This issue is a compilation of your poignant, freaky, angry thoughts. Like us, you are starting to make sense of this crazy new world.

Looking back now on “the good old days,” as the era before S11.2 is endearingly referred to, it sure feels like we activists did protest too much. We were always anti-everything and pro very little. We kept on saying, “A New World Is Possible,” but we didn’t have the vision and guts to build it. I remember how just about every “progressive” magazine I read before the crash was stuffed full of lefty whining, without a single action or solution proposed.

But not everyone here is raking over the ashes of history. A few bright sparks are running around saying:

“Fuck your postmortem.
... OK, so capitalism crashed, the megacorps we hated so much are gone, and you can’t buy a can of Coke anymore. So what’s your problem? Isn’t this the world we always dreamed about? Isn’t this what we were fighting for all along?”

These fired-up young anarchists will be our new leaders. They have an almost pathological, taboo-like disgust for the old world and – Coke or no Coke – they’re determined to never let it rise again. The price was too high, for all of us, for everything. Their world is about bioregions, true-cost farming, keeping every corporation on a very tight leash and building a new media that delivers truth. And they swear they’ll never again let national governments or global institutions tell them what they can or cannot do in their communities.

We’ll try to put out another issue before Christmas. Keep your letters and stories rolling in. We’ve just had a collective near-death experience, but with it has come a powerful new urge to live. Every day, more and more of us are finding something very real, very concrete to fight for and maybe, even, to die for. That old Situ slogan “Live Without Dead Time” really means something now.

For the Wild, Kalle


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So now you are not even going to live in reality anymore?

As prose it is beautiful and I might even read it as I would Orwell's 1984 but come on.....

Action and change ends up being fuzzy literary doomsday propaganda from the intellectuals and what do we do?

Cheer them and go buy an Ipad so we can read it on the train.

Haha. It is a bit absurd. Can't believe Adbusters is glorifying a world in which we can't purchase a can of coke, even having the audacity to assert that will happen two years from now. Even though Coca-Cola is bleeding atl dry of its water, they could stop producing tomorrow and there would still be coke for sale. Can't stop the coke. according to nicanor parra, theres a message in every bottle.

The romantic idealist 'activist' in withdrawl from not being about to engage in rompus ego-fueled intellectual masturbation will jam the farmers market en masse and demand Coke!!

thats just how this form of activism is....romantic ego fueled idealism.

used to be a part of, now I just work toward real change...no where near as fun...or romantic.

What are you talking about? It is unclear whether this article refers to a future "crash" or simply declares that "capitalism has crashed" in the present. The corporate/ government elite still control all aspects of our increasingly totalitarian society, regardless of whether capitalism has proven itself to be an enormous, mutually destructive apparatus. If you somehow think "young anarchists" will take control and become leaders (a concept which is impossible within the paradigm of anarchist ideology, due to the fact that anarchists seek to eliminate central leadership) you are dreaming. The capitalists will never give up their overwhelming control as long as it is possible. As long as they have the ability to dictate "reality", fiscal policy, etc, etc, etc, no change will ever be possible, not even violent change. We have been spinning our wheels for several decades now as they take more and more of the basic necessities of life and turn them into ways to control and punish us. All is lost. Our parents could have done something many years ago, but they failed to accept reality.

We, as a society, could make a change at any time. We just choose not to. I don't know a single person who wants to push for change, other than in terms of the democrat/republican paradigm. The American elite exists because of apathy, not just sheer consolidation of power. We don't live under a despotic regime, at least in the traditional sense. Yes, we essentially live in a plutocracy, and yes the plutocrats are constantly working in their own self-interest, often with a reckless disregard for others, but if the American people rallied together for real change, change would happen. But there are two major problems with this -- 1) most people couldn't care less about politics and change 2) the people who do care, 95% of the time, want to see change in terms of the democrat/republican paradigm.

Might change any time soon be hopeless? Might change fifty years ago have been easier? Yes and yes. But if things really get bad, people will be looking for answers. And I think there's a good chance a popular answer will be, "give power to the people." If all hell breaks loose as implied in this article, we very well may find ourselves headed in the right direction.

"I don't know a single person who wants to push for change, other than in terms of the democrat/republican paradigm."

Really? Have you looked for such people? We are all over the internet and in local communities large and small.

I understand what I must do.

Keep breathing. Keep breathing.

Tomorrow the sun will rise.

Who knows what the day will bring?

Evolution keeps changing eternity.

Keep breathing. Keep breathing.

Tomorrow has unlimited possibilities.

Who knows what the day will bring?

Change is the core of existence.

Keep breathing. Keep breathing.

Tomorrow is the road to the future.

Who knows what the day will bring? 7/30/11


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