Indian Independence Movement

Decades of struggle against British colonialism culminates in the creation of the Republic of India.

A Brief History of Revolution

Gandhi did not bring the British Empire down with cannons or armies that matched those of the imperial forces. He brought down the empire with a pinch of salt and a spinning wheel. When the British introduced the Salt Laws to tax salt, we undertook the Dandi March, picked up salt, and said, “Nature gives it free. We need it for our survival. We will continue to make our own salt. We will disobey the salt laws.”

When the Indian textile industry was being destroyed by the British, Gandhi did not call for the industrialization of India’s textiles. He pulled out a spinning wheel. He said, “Anything that millions can do together, becomes charged with power.”

Can we learn from history and catalyze change in the world today?

Vandana Shiva

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